Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Management Lite & Ezy 2 - Decision Making

I change the title from MBA Lite & Ezy to Management Lite & Ezy.

(2) Decision Making

According to Brousseau etc. (2006), decision styles differ in two fundamental ways: how information is used and how options are created. Based on these two criteria, they identify four styles of decision making: decisive (little information, one course of action); flexible (little information, many options); hierarchic (lots of data, one course of action); and integrative (lots of data, many options).

This matrix below summarizes these four styles of decision making. Click to view a bigger image.

More on this topic in a few days. Stay tuned.


Brousseau, K.R., Driver, M.J., Hourihan, G., Larsson, R. (2006). The Seasoned Executive’s Decision Making Style. Harvard Business Review, Feb 2006, 111-121.

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