Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cherry Blossom, Mae Salong

According to Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mae Salong “is especially picturesque in December and January when sakuras are in full bloom.”

I arrived at Mae Salong on Jan 9, 2007. Unfortunately, the cherry blossom reason had been delayed, possibly due to warmer weather. There were not many flowers

I traveled around Mae Salong and the nearby hill tribe villages. Finally, I found a few cherry trees in full bloom . Here are the pictures…


  1. ..nice photos..

    .thx for sharing...


  2. ju,
    Thanks for leaving your comments.

  3. wah lovely pics!!! beautiful chery blossom. :)

  4. Hi Kyh,
    I was a few days too early for the cherry blossom season. It should look better when the whole Mae Salong was in full bloom.

  5. shame to say, before this i really don't know that chery tree has flowers :p

    thanks for sharing...


  6. Erh... Chin40,
    Have you mistaken cherry tree for something else? You must have heard of sakura, right?

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