Friday, March 16, 2007

Ratana’s Kitchen, Chiang Mai

Ratana’s Kitchen was my favorite restaurant in Chiang Mai. It served delicious Thai and Western food. Its Northern Thai dishes were especially worth trying. Prices were reasonable – relatively cheap compared to other restaurants which served farangs (Westerners).

Veggies and seafood over rice; spring rolls…

This is a Northern Thai dish but I no longer remember its name. Quite spicy. I should have told them “phet nit noi”…

Ratana’s Kitchen, 320-322 Thaphae Road (opposite Wat Mahawan) - highly recommended


  1. Looks yummy. You speak Thai?

  2. Hi Happy,
    No I don't speak Thai. But I learned a few simple Thai phrases for the purpose of my travel.

  3. My brother and I ate here twice while in Chiang Mai. Absolutely delicious. One of the best places we ate while in Southeast Asia.