Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tibetan Arts & Culture

Mandala, Tibetan sand art...

(Reflection off the glass is pretty bad. Sigh...)

A closer look...

Hei, kid is interested, too...

Thangka and the portrait of the Dalai Lama...

Tibetan lamas and traditional music instrument...


  1. wow nice! where are these displayed?

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing them, KS.

  3. kyh,
    These were displayed in Buddhist Culture & Arts Festival 2007, held recently in MINES Exhibition Center.

    Yes, the mandala and thangka are beautiful.

  4. hmm, recall that the tour agency de boss told me, LASA there all LAmas wear ike this, and the Sun shine so big and hot, many customers went there pensang because of the red colour and the hot weather....

  5. pinky,
    You mean tourists fainted in Tibet? I think that was because of thin air. (Not because of red color, lah.) If you have scaled Mt Kinabalu, you probably will be fine.

    I have neither climb Mt Kinabalu nor been to Tibet :(