Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Learning Acupuncture

I have been learning acupuncture lately. I attended a short course in a local university. The course was conducted by a lecturer from the Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I know some of you will ask, “Isn’t it dangerous to prick a needle in the body?” Well, to be sure I am not a daredevil too. I do it very cautiously. In particular, so far I only choose ‘acupuncture points’ on my arms and legs, which are considerably less risky to apply the needle.

Here are a few points I have used:

  • Hegu (合谷) – alleviates fever
  • Zusanli (足三里) – relieves stomach discomfort
  • Sanyinjiao (三陰交) – relieves stomach discomfort; also relieves menstrual pain
  • Xingjian (行間) – refreshes tired eyes


  1. hey, this is interesting!! i'm always curious with acupuncture, so is there a lot to learn?? how long will the whole course take, and how long do you think you need to take to master the skill?? haha~~ :D

  2. did you try to "poke" yourself to practice?? :p

  3. Cool! Do you have to undergo a test or get certified in order to start pricking or rather treating people?

  4. Wow! That's interesting. I haven't gone for acupuncture before but I've been to acupressure treatment

  5. SK
    This is just a short course. I won't be qualified to be a doctor, LOL...
    Yes, I have poked myself with needle.

    So far I only treat myself.

    I think acupuncture is more effective than acupressure. But of course more difficult to learn.

  6. I've never had a chance to try but I believe it works. And these needles are pretty thin, I bet you can hardly feel them... even though it may seem strange to some people that sticking needles in one's body helps!

  7. oh this is interesting. i once accompanied mami to acupuncture session! and saw the sensei pricked the needle on her body and attached it to some kinda voltage thingy and the needles vibrated! for stimulation wo the sensei said :S

  8. Zhu
    I still feel pain when pricking the needle. I think this is because my skill is not up to mark.

    I stimulate it through tinkling the needle. No voltage applied.

  9. I have been pricked many times for my feet problems and they healed completely. Wanna try on me?

  10. twilight
    Which point did the sensei apply the needle?