Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dispelling the myth of American hostility against Muslims - Part II

[Part I is here]

Venerable Gunaratana, a Buddhist monk in West Virginia, wrote, “Although about 80% of Americans are Christians, and there are many fundamentalists and fanatics, there is great tolerance for other religions. I do not know of any other country in which there are so many fanatics among the majority religion, yet in which the law provides so much protection for diverse religions. Even if someone wants to start the one thing most horrifying to Christians, a devil-worshipping church, it can be done. The American Constitution is so generous, it allows anything.”

One may ask, “Why, then, does Washington not do enough to stop Israelis from encroaching the land of Palestinians?” There are many contributing factors, but I want to emphasize one – Palestinians do not vote in the US Presidential Election. US Government is more concerned in winning more votes than helping the people in a foreign land.

Muslims who are US citizens do have voting right. They make up about 3% of total US population. In fact, there are more Muslims than Jews in the States. They can influence American politics. Unfortunately, 9/11 put them on defensive. People like Zonneveld and Sheikh Omar are busy defending their faith rather than voicing out the plight of their co-religionists who suffer in the Holy Land.

Malaysian media has been bombarding us with images of injured or dead people in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, presumably ALL of them are victims of American atrocity. Few of us still remember the 1991 Gulf War and Balkan War. In the former US liberated Kuwait which was occupied by Iraq. In the latter Bosnian Muslims gained independence with the intervention of America. (And President Clinton got himself in trouble when US war planes bombed Chinese embassy.)

The media even used Cindy Sheheen's anti-war rally to prove their point - that Americans were 'cruel'. What they failed to mention was - the anti-war activists were peace-loving Americans!

Zonneveld tries to explain to the world that Islam is a peaceful religion. From her interview, it sounded like she had some success. I try to explain to America-haters that not all Americans are bad guys, and not all of them support the policies of their government. I do not expect to hold up against the media which is deeply anti-America. I do wish that some one may stumble across my posts, and has a better understanding of the truth.

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