Thursday, November 01, 2007

Have You Got A Tattoo?

I don’t have tattoo, and doubt I will ever have one. However, I try to be more open-minded with the art which is often viewed negatively among the conservatives.

According to a Harris Poll, 16% of adult Americans have a tattoo, and more than 1 in 3 Americans aged 25-29 have them. Many think that having a tattoo makes them feel sexier (34%), more rebellious (29%) and more attractive (26%).

What are the impacts of increased popularity in tattooing? According to Mark Penn, author of Microtrends, organizations with tattoo bans may have to review their policies, or they risk excluding young talents.

Here, in Malaysia, I also see many youths with tattoos, but I am not sure whether they are permanent or temporary.

I have seen one girl – a very pretty girl – who tattooed the name of her boyfriend on her arm. Now, assuming that this tattoo was a permanent one, what would happen if she breaks up with him? She would have to laser it off. Angelina Jolie did just that when she split with Billy Bob. In fact, according to the Harris Poll just mentioned, the top reason for regretting getting a tattoo was "because of the person's name in the tattoo".

Many youngsters believe that their relationships with their lovers would last forever. Love is blind, huh?

Which pattern(s) do you like?


  1. I saw the princess tattoo!!!! You purposely one right?

    If I need to make one, maybe a butterfly or a rose? Hahaha... always think twice, after all is a TATTOO...

  2. princess,
    Yah yah... I purposely included it. I thought you would like it... kek sim...

    If temporary tattoo, no need to think twice lah.

  3. nice ma tattoo!! but i very scared of pain..i dun think i will ever get one..

    eh that one quite nice. that anime gal with wings! it caught my attention!! shld i? but where!?? hah

  4. winn,
    If you are scared of pain, then use anesthetic lah.

    Where? Maybe your arm, shoulder or lower back...

  5. Hehe. Thanks very thoughful and very nice. Are you luring me to get one??? Maybe I can get the water-based temporary tattoo for that :D

    Dun kek sim lerrrrrrr

  6. princess,
    I can't wait to see you with tattoo, LOL...

    But make sure that your company has no tattoo ban. If not you gotta cover it up with your shirt.

  7. many of youth today like tatoo very much, but how many of them treat it as art, or just acts as follower blindly?...tatoo is a sign of love? my opinion, love is life, it needs to be cultivated heartedly, include understanding and learning, by both person,...not just standing at superficial level only...

  8. Johnny Depp had one done when he and Winona Ryder were very much in love - so romantic. He must have had it removed after they fell out of love - only being realistic.

    Some of the tattoos featured on the Astro programme, Miami Ink, are really beautiful and some are elaborate too.

    There's now something beyond tattooing. It's skin-carving. No prize for guessing what it is. The pattern is carved into the skin. Ouch!! In the name of art...

  9. I would like to have the "virtue" tatoo, in my dream lah! Hahaha!
    I don't think I'll ever have the courage to get a tatoo, not even the temporary one! Coz I'm aging...Hahaha!

  10. 玲别依依,
    I guess the youths you mentioned are not following trend but try to be different. But I agree that there are better ways to express love.

    Skin carving!?? Never heard of that. It sounds scary...

    Do you know that there are many middle-age men who have tattoos? But they mostly got them when they were young

  11. You got things for gals with tattoo!?!?!!?

  12. Huh princess,
    What things do you mean? I haven't personally known a gal with tattoo. (OK, maybe they cover their tattoos under the shirts.)