Monday, October 06, 2008


Several years ago, I worked briefly in Southern California as a contract engineer. During the July 4 holidays, I went to Las Vegas and the Great Canyon with Wilson, my co-worker from Dalian, China.

Both of us were paid on hourly rates. We decided to not take additional leaves, but to make full use of the three days we had. On the first day, we drove from our hotel in Garden Grove, Orange Country to the Sin City. It was a 5-hour drive. Believe it or not, we saw a mini tornado measuring just a few feet tall. The cars stopped at the freeway to wait for the mini tornado cross.

On Day 2 we drove from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and returned on the same day, spending less than 2 hours there. We returned to Orange County on the third day.

We were doing a sightseeing tour at the Grand Canyon. Wilson described the Grand Canyon as a natural wonder which we “see once and go” (看一眼). That was exactly what we did.

Today, I regret for not spending more time there. There were more to do at the Grand Canyon than mere sightseeing. We could have stayed overnight in the park, and immerse in the unusual atmosphere. Both Wilson and I had been working very hard. Why didn't we just relax and recharge beside one of the greatest wonder of the world???

P/S Kikey Loo has traveled to numerous national parks in the US. She is definitely smarter than me. You can read her interesting stories here.


  1. Dude, you should have stayed over night there... the sunset and sunrise was nice... It's was superb...

    BTW, I went there 4 times with different season. I don't mind going back again if i have a chance to go back to Arizona :-)

  2. Who knows? Maybe somehow, some time in life, you might get the chance to go back there again, for work or vacation purpose.

    If you think hard enough, Law of Attraction will bring you there in ways you least expect.

  3. I have yet to visit the Grand Canyon but I'm sure it's breathtaking.

    Have you ever had the chance to visit Niagara Falls? It's one of my favorite wonder in Canada.

  4. So good.... next time you bring me there, wokay.

  5. tz
    aiyo... don't make me feel more regret than I already do.

    I think I don't have money to go there again.

    I have never been to Niagara Falls. I spent most of my time in Southern California, and 5 weeks in Washington and Oregon.

    No money to go there la...

  6. now no money nvm, then save money to go lor..u can de:)

  7. how cool is tht u had the chance to travel! but too bad u didnt spend enough time exploring. i think it is going to be very very exp if we are there to travel on our own

  8. You didn't take any pictures there?

  9. christine
    aiyo... I am afraid it costs too much.

    *sob sob*

    I was still using film camera then.

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  11. Hi, KhengSiong, thank you to have my link in this post, so nice of you.. :)

    yah, i always choose to go into the canyon to get closer view and closer feel (近距离的接触)of the canyon.

    because i know that maybe my only time there, for next visit will be unknown date...

    dun too regret... at least u had chance to see, better than none.. :)

  12. kikey
    Don't get too close. Danger!

  13. breathtaking isn't it? Did you go to the Death Valley too? Or Hoover Dam? Or the forest where the giant sequoia/redwood tress grow?

  14. kyh
    Ah... unfortunately I didn't go to the places you mentioned. I did wanted to go to see redwood trees, but they could only be found in Northern California. I lived in Southern California.