Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kikey Loo

I visited my aunt in Penang on the second day of Chinese New Year (Feb 15, 2010). Kikey Loo, the world trotter, was back in her hometown then. I contacted her when I reached Penang. She told me that she was at her father’s shop, which happened to be near my aunt’s house. I decided to pay her a visit. After following her online for a long time, I finally meet up with my ‘idol’.

I mentioned to Kikey that my aunt used to sell chee cheong fun nearby. She told me that she knew my aunt. Then her father intercepted, noting that they were actually relatives. (I later confirmed this with my aunt.) It turned out that Kikey was the relative of my relative!

Kikey gave me a keychain which she got from London. Thank you, Kikey


  1. Can I have one keychain too Kikey? :p

  2. is she going back to UK?

  3. coincidence: )

  4. 'idol'? *paiseh-ing*

    Kheng Siong, so you are my far far relative loh! LOL~

    Tekkaus, ok, if you come to visit me in Penang. :p

    Wenn, Yah, I going back to UK end of April.

  5. kikey
    I am 认亲认戚, haha...

  6. Haha, so coincidental.

    Now tell me, you don't have any relatives from JB. Else, I might just be your relative's relative too.

    Happy Chinese New Year, khengsiong!

  7. what a small world, isn't it amazing to find someone linked to you??

  8. So sweet! What a small world.

    Happy new year, KS!

  9. Now that's a really small world indeed! : )

  10. shingo
    I do have a relative who lives near JB, but she originated from Perak.

    SK, Happysurfer, foongpc
    Hmm... I won't say it's a small world. Otherwise I would have been to Africa.

  11. So, it is indeed a small world!

    What's "chee cheong fun"??

  12. Zhu
    猪肠粉 - a kind of noodle.

  13. such a small world indeed.