Sunday, January 09, 2011

Selling Books Online

As a shutterbug, I bought dozens of books on photography over the last few years. My book shelves exploded, so I decided to sell some of them online.

1st attempt – Internet forum

My first attempt to sell online was accomplished through a photography forum. I asked potential buyers to make payment to my bank account. I then mailed the books to them. I managed to sell a couple of books. However, some people preferred to do COD (cash on delivery). That is, they wanted to meet me, see the books, then make payment. I didn’t entertain their request. My experience told me that many people would be late for appointment. Not to mention the expenses on gasoline and parking.

2nd attempt – Facebook

Having sold several books on Internet forum, I turned my sight to Facebook. I posted information of the books on the social networking site. To reach wider audience, I asked my friends to post the link on their respective page. Unfortunately, my second attempt was a complete failure. No even a single person enquired.

I have no experience with eBay. Perhaps it’s time to give it a try. Can someone please share your story?

By the way, Poslaju is quite expensive. Are there cheaper alternatives?

= = = = =

This is one of the book I managed to let go. With the picture of a hot girl on the cover, it was snapped up in no time...


  1. but i think it make more sense to go COD because you never know how trustworthy somebody on the forum can be right??

  2. FB is more general social networking, as for your forum most probably you'd have more people having the same interest.. maybe that explains why your 2nd attempt is not successful..

  3. haha, for sure you need to do some marketing to attract people.. see, that cover of the book is a good example.. haha!! :D

  4. put more sexy pictures on the front cover of the book! :P

  5. SK
    Actually I ask my photographer friends to 'like' the Facebook notes. I thought I would get attention of many like-minded people.

    Not every book has sexy picture as cover.

  6. I don't own as many photography books as you do so I don't intend to sell them. Besides, those I bought are not intended for sale anyway. I want to keep my photography books.

  7. why dont u just keep them as collection? ;)

    btw, the girl on the cover looks quite "A" LOL!!!

  8. "With the picture of a hot girl on the cover.." Was that why you bought it in the first place? Oops!

    There are a lot of used book setups in the US that buy secondhand books but unfortunately they are only meant for domestic use. Good luck with your sale.

  9. Mei Teng, kyh
    I have collected way too many photography books.

    No, I didn't buy the book for the cover.

  10. FB is more for businesses where there are benefits to "like" the page.

    Oohhh... next time you want to sell books with pretty girl cover, you can err... sell via your blog. Lots of uncles will buy these yummy yum yums from you.

    And err.. me not referring to myself. =p

  11. I do not know how effective and good the eBay can be but I personally know several people who shop via eBay. My sister in London buys all her US Victoria Secrets cheaply from eBay! Are you not shocked to hear that she buys her bras and panties via eBay!!!????!!!

  12. I think FB can work but your list just dont happen to have photography book lovers. I see so many bimbos selling dresses online and they make around RM1000 above. I heard this from my friend whose wife sells dresses like a broker. So easy money!

  13. I think you should create a blog just selling photography magazines and post your collection one by one. I am thinking of selling off all my antiques in a new blog.

  14. Another Smart post from you Admin :)