Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Light Trails

I am a fairly lazy person.

Two years ago, when I was driving home from office along a highway, I talked to myself, “This is a good location to shoot light trails.”

Light trails photos, however, were best taken after 9.00pm, when it got dark and the traffic congestion eased. By then, I was too lazy to step out of my house again. Two years had passed. I didn’t make it, and had since worked for another employer.

Recently, after the grilling MBA exam was over, I was rather free. Finally, I forced myself to return to the highway to take these pictures…

I have learned one thing from my MBA course mates: Don’t just think. Do it!


  1. Wow!!cool!! good in capturing, u must have high tech camera, if no, how can u do it??
    buy one for me the camera please!!(don't think it, just do it,hehe)

    Recently just bought the olmypus FE-230,might be still unfamilar to use that camera, so when use the night scene,the photo that i captured was blur...*sien*
    Help me!!

  2. Pinky,
    I like to talk about photography. If you are patient please read on...

    When you shoot at daylight, the camera lens 'opens' for, say 1/60 sec. This duration is called exposure time or shutter speed.
    However, when you shoot at night with 'night scene' mode, the exposure time can be up to 1 sec or longer. If your hands shake during exposure, the picture will come out blurry.

    For best results, stabilize the camera on a tripod. (Please google.) If you do not wish to invest in a tripod, place the camera on the edge of a chair or something like that.

    Actually, I am not very satisfied with the photos because the light trails are too short. Exposure time of 3 sec is not long enough.

  3. Nice shots. Where were these taken?

    Exam over? That must be a real relief.

  4. happy,
    The pictures were taken at LDP, from a pedestrian overpass.

    Exam is over, but the semester break is fast coming to an end :(

  5. my night scene photo that i captured at China so blur la...
    sad o...
    many cacat tiao...

  6. pinky,
    Photo blurry? Never tried the method I suggested?