Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chinese Women Love Cosmetics

The other day I browsed the Web and happened to come across a Chinese site which organized Bloggers’ Beauty Contest:

How thing has changed! During Chairman Mao’s era, makeup was considered decadent and anti-revolutionary. The Great Helmsman once proudly claimed that Chinese women “don’t love cosmetics, but love armors.” (不爱红妆 爱武装) Today, the Communist state is the eighth largest cosmetics consumer in the world, and the beauty and cosmetics industry is the fourth largest consumption area in the country – after real estate, cars and tourism.

Plastic surgery is also gaining popularity, and the country has even held a pageant for “man-made beauties” (人造美女)!

Participants of Miss Plastic Surgery

Jiang Qing, Chairman Mao's wife and a former actress, must be jealous of the Chinese women of the 21st century.

Madam Mao in her uniform


Chinese Women Go 'Crazy' for Cosmetics

China awaits crowning of Miss Plastic Surgery


  1. Oh I make up too when I going out for a date... but in office I look plain. My colleague commented that I look so different and ask me should make up more. LAZY... wakakkaa

  2. princess,
    If you make up in office, your male colleagues' productivity may drop. Haha...

  3. I tot should go up? According to statistics, men perform better in office if there are more pretty creatures in the office...

    That's why my team productivity not that good.. wakaka

  4. princess,
    I am saying: you may look too mature with makeup. Hence your colleagues have no mood to work ;)

    Just kidding lah. Don't get angry, OK. By the way, where did you learn of the stats? Sorry lah. We always talk about referencing in MBA...

  5. Happy mooncake festival, khengsiong.

    I read about it, I cant remember the source ler...

  6. this is the work that i lazy to do it!! :P

  7. christine,
    Don't be so lazy. Make up (and dress up). Take some photos and post them to your blog :-)