Wednesday, September 05, 2007

KL Bird Park - II

[Part I is here.]

All photos in Part II were taken with a prime lens, i.e. lens that cannot zoom. (Sounds very backward, huh?)

English Budgerigar...


Bird of Paradise...

I believe many people have experienced difficulty when taking pictures of animals inside a cage. Very often the camera focuses on the cage rather than on the animals. For the pictures of Bird of Paradise, I had to resort to the old way - manual focus.


The Chinese translation, which reads "parrots of the world", is incorrect.


  1. Carry forward the comment from your previous post.....

    Why don't you offer me to become your model and take pics? (cough cough, free of charge :P) Normally I take photos of myself as I dun have camera man/gal and I seldom take scenery photos. Maybe one day I will post some pictures of places I traveled before :)

    Anyway, where & when did you pick up photography?

  2. Erh... princess,
    Are you volunteering? (Feeling pressure wor.)
    Ok lah, can you please drop me an e-mail. Will be busy till 24th, though...

  3. wakakakaka... i dun like giving pressure to fren. Just kidding lar. Somemore this fella in the bracket emphasizing... hehe

    I also busy lately :( Can't wait till weekend!!!