Thursday, October 04, 2007

Making Cheap Calls with Expensive Phone

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is known as a technology that allows us to make long distance calls at affordable cost. It converts voice into “data packets” and transports them over the Internet or dedicated IP network. Since resources are ‘pooled’, the cost is lower compared to conventional technologies.

Nokia E65 is a phone that supports VoIP, in addition to GSM and 3G. When the phone ‘logs on’ to a WiFi network, e.g. inside Starbucks café, we can make cheap VoIP calls. When the phone is outside of WiFi network, calls are made over GSM or 3G network.

So the phone is versatile, isn’t it? However, Nokia E65, which features a 2 megapixel camera, MP3 player, MP4 player, Bluetooth, HTML browser, MicroSD slot among others, is probably not cheap. I mean, do you make cheap calls using an expensive mobile phone?

Bear in mind that VoIP on Nokia E65 does not work outside WiFi network. Also, some networks may require user to ‘sign in’ and/or enter encryption key. The procedure could be too complicated for non-techies.

In the end, I suspect that majority of the E65 owners will not bother to make VoIP calls, despite its lower rate.


  1. This is for overseas call right? I dun like to talk on the phone.. hahaha... not a product that attracts me :P

  2. I think people who can afford this phone can afford the slightly expensive GSM network calls. Haha.

  3. princess,
    VoIP can be for overseas call or domestic long distance call, e.g. from KL to Sarawak.
    You don't like talking on phone? So you like SMS?

    Exceptions are students who want the latest gears, but want to save on making calls. But I think there are not many of them.