Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Self Portrait


  1. Why look so serious???? Eh, you look tall and underweight ler... So, who is behind the camera? What do you think about your photographer's piece of art? So many questions :P

  2. Aiyo princess, I am not photogenic mar. I am sure I could take better pictures if the subject is *you* :P

    I am not tall lah, but definitely underweight. (Mind sharing your chocolate with me?) And there was no one behind the camera.

    I have experience asking other people to take photos for me, but they were so panic that their hands shook. So this time I set the self-timer...

  3. Haha.... I didnt get the hint *ignore*

    I am not overweight either :P But dangerously at the borderline. Wakaka.... So how tall are you? And your weight? Come come, let the science student run a BMI for you.

    Oh, timer some more ar... Eh, will be ppl looking at you? Some more you a guy? Haha, just curious.

    Yeah, many ppl's hand shook when they take pics, I wonder why. Hmmm...

  4. Ehh... princess,
    You think I don't know BMI meh? One of my MBA assignment was related to weight. 'Optimal BMI' is from 18.5 to 25. A lot of ladies want to lose weight even if their BMI are around 19.

  5. Nice picture. Nice vegetation. Where's this place?

  6. happy,
    The picture was taken in a temple near Banting. More pictures here.