Monday, April 06, 2009

Cool Biz

Chinese – including Chinese Malaysians – hate Junichiro Koizumi. The recalcitrant former Japan Prime Minister visited the controversial Yasukuni Shrine several times. Koizumi was not all bad, though. He was at least more green-minded than Beijing’s Grandpa Wen.

In 2005, Koizumi launched the Cool Biz campaign in order to combat global warming. He urged the workers in both private and public sectors to dress lightly during the summer months, and set the temperature of their air-conditioned offices to no lower than 28C. The politicians themselves ditch their suits and ties in favor of traditional Okinawan shirts.


The 2005 Cool Biz is said to have cut carbon dioxide emissions by 460,000 tonnes – equivalent to the combined emissions from one million Japanese household for a month.

Now, since Malaysia has hot weather all year round, shouldn’t we have our own Cool Biz? For a start, Please avoid setting the room temperature too low. Gentlemen, please ditch your ties too.

As for ladies, you may want to dress like these hot girls

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  1. Oooohh, I like the initiative.

    Making the Earth a longer-lasting and more beautiful place.

  2. You said:As for ladies, you may want to dress like these hot girls

    Are you kidding(?) and risk being sun-baked in our Malaysian weather?

    Ooh.... my poor baby-skin. LOL!

    And would guys wear loin-cloth too? Sure don't want to deprive guys from contributing to preserving Mother Earth, you know, besides providing some motivation to some of the ladies!

  3. He's not much different from Al-Gore who's also been going around promoting the global warming agenda. And Al-Gore's also hated by many Malaysians

  4. Nice initiative! What will PAS comment on this? :P

  5. Haha, funny post. I have no problem with having slightly higher temperature but wearing less formal clothes. Note: Thinner only, not shorter :P

  6. shingo
    Yeah, making the Earth a more beautiful place... do you mean the hot girls :P

    We use air-conditioner inside buildings, so searing sun is not a problem.
    Outdoor, gals can use umbrella, but guys can't!

    I think Koizumi only promoted environment agenda in his country. Al Gore truly goes beyond national boundary.

    Blame global warming on PAS!

    You're conservative man...

  7. Good good, wear as little as possible. Hey, do away with the head sash la... even cooler. :)

  8. Oh good idea! Everyone wear as little as possible. Everyone will be happy except maybe PAS! Haha!

    I think men should ditch the ties! It's totally ridiculous to wear ties as it serves no purpose and it a nuisance. I'm so glad I no longer wear ties! : )

    And plant more trees instead of cutting them down!

  9. erm that 1st photo of that white hair man, look so much like my Strategic Mgmt lecturer!! lolx, I got a shock for a sec there

    anyway, camwhoring dun contribute much to page rank, but i think..... you putting up lots of yummy Japan girls with bikini photo on your blog might help your pr...lolx

  10. “As for ladies, you may want to dress like these hot girls...”

    i will dress like these hot girs if my body as slim as them...:P

  11. neo, foongpc
    So do you support nudist camp? Hahaha...

    That's Japan's former PM Koizumi.

    The two hot girls were local chicks, and I took their photo ^^

    Time to slim down?

  12. What if they have saggy boobs and bulging tummy?

  13. 迷迭香
    So you are interested in skimpy wear?

    Time for a makeover!

    OK then you organize one, LOL...

  14. Why can't guys use umbrella?!! Aarrgghhhh!!!

  15. but if don't wear suit to meeting not pro wo...

    don't think it works here

  16. If like that...then don't wear anything better right? :D

  17. happysurfer
    Men who use umbrella for protection against the sun will be ridiculed as 'sissy'.

    Only when suit and tie in meeting with outsiders la. After that can take them off.

    Back to the cave men era, hahaha...

  18. Hi there!

    Dress like that? I don't think I can handle it. LOL

    But that's a great idea. Here in the Philippines, politicians wear suits and air conditioners are full blast.

  19. halfcrazy
    I don't think so. I believe you can handle it ;)

  20. No thank you Kheng Siong. I dont want to dress like those girls :)

  21. Yes, why not? Haha! Since we have so many beaches in Malaysia, nice to have nudist beach!

    Btw, you are tagged! : )

  22. bengbeng
    I am not interested in seeing you dressing like that either ;)

    Yes, sir!