Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Giant’s No Plastic Bag Day

When I saw this banner in front of the Giant Supermarket near my house, I couldn’t stop laughing.

This supermarket used to disallowe its customers from bringing reusable shopping bags into its premises, presumably due to the concern of theft. That was, despite the fact it sold its own brand of reusable bags!

Came 2010, the state government of Selangor announced that every Saturday is ‘No Plastic Bag Day’. This store has no choice but to conform to the new rules…

My feeling has been mixed, though. While I always support using fewer plastic bags, I am not sure if a total ban – on Saturday – is too drastic. I think we still need plastic bags for vegetables and fruits…


  1. Most supermarket chains here sell either plastic bags (5 cents) or bigger and better reusable bags. I usually have a designated shopping bag, unless I'm making an unplanned stop at the supermarket after work.

    I always used plastic bag as garbage bags and I find them useful. Sure, being green is good but if you end up buying plastic garbage bags after, what's the point?

  2. then shopping centre and supermarket should substitute plastic bags with reusable bags lo...

  3. In Ikea Singapore, plastic bags are sold at 10 cents each. The amount is small, but it sets people thinking if they really need them.

    A total ban sounds drastic, but it is probably too early to comment until we see how culture reacts to this.

  4. Zhu
    I think use plastic bags for garbage, but they are probably a bit small.

    Supermarket don't provide reusable bags. You need to buy!

    Culture is hard to change, LOL... Plastic bags are convenient.

  5. i think i remember your post last time on how giant people stopped u from entering their premise with the giant recycling bag right? i think i wont ever go shopping in giant on saturdays am i going to store the chicken and the fish?!

  6. I didn't know they disallowed own shopping bags previously.

    KS, you said, I think we still need plastic bags for vegetables and fruits…

    The idea is to use your own bags..

    A total ban is not practical unless they provide used carton boxes like some other supermarkets. Having plastic bags available but for a fee (IKEA charges 10sen each) is a better solution. I remember paying for it for curry puffs at IKEA on my last visit. Also, I had to buy one of their blue recyclable bags to put my purchases which btw was placed conveniently at the counter. Smart move there, IKEA.

  7. Actually I don't mind using my own shopping bag but the thing is I keep the plastic bags as garbage bags! I wouldn't wanna throw the waste directly on the garbage bin! It will be too yucky and not practical for us who live in apartments. So, we still need plastic bags in a way, what do you think?

  8. Actually it was a great idea. Sometimes I bring my own bags to shopping too. :p

  9. This is a good idea but would definitely need plastic bags when buying fish and meat produce.

  10. well, it depends. we are trying very hard to put this idea into our customers' head. so we encourage them to bring their own shopping bags or we don't give plastic bags for few, light items.

  11. i think it's limited to the plastics carrier bag at the cashier.. you can still ask for bags if you want, but you'd be charged 20sen per bag on that day..

    so, go to KL to buy groceries on Saturday lor, hehe :p

  12. I think SK is right. It's only limited to the bags at the cashier's. I'm sure those bags on a roll are still provided at the wet market section.

  13. 如果是干粮还好,但鱼,虾,肉和菜之类的食物,没有塑料袋很不方便啰!

  14. xin
    I think chicken and fish are available in Styrofoam package.

    I think here they charge 20 sen for a plastic bag.

    We can't completely do away with plastic bag. Just reduce its use, and possibly replace with the bio-degradable type.

  15. tekkaus
    I also bring my bag for shopping too.

    Mei Ting
    Yeah, correct.

    I think most supermarkets charge for plastic bags demanded by the customers.

  16. SK
    Hmm... I think you're right...

    Then no worry...


  17. I think it is not practical for a total ban if supermarket sells wet items. Are they going to wrap the dead fish/chicken/clams/prawns/offals in newspapers or lotus leaves or banana leaves like those days before plastic bags were invented? Otherwise do they expect us to dump everything in a reusable container? Very fishy!

  18. They should give reusable bags for free... I know I am dreaming...

  19. they didn't provide plastic bag for vegetable? how about meat stuffs? like fish, sausages?

  20. Autumn Belle, Kikey
    I think SK is right. This rule only applies to plastic bags at the counters.

    Don't be surprise if some companies give away free reusable bags as a marketing plot.

  21. I don't agree on total ban on plastic bags. I think Tesco uses the bio-degradable plastic bags which is not too bad for the environment.