Tuesday, January 05, 2010

School Uniform

I was reading a book written by Yolanda Chen, a Taiwanese woman who lived in Finland. Her kids were studying in English schools in the Nordic nation. Finland is famous for its education system. Finnish students persistently rank top in international exams. Finnish students do not wear uniform in school. According to Chen, this may have to do with the nation’s history. Uniform conjures up totalitarian rule of Russia in the past.

Like their counterparts in Finland, American students also do not wear uniform. Thailand, on the other hand, goes the other extreme. In the Land of Smile, even university students have to don uniform.

Malaysia takes the middle-way. Primary students and secondary students wear uniform.

I am probably a bit conservative on this topic. I believe that uniform has certain benefits. Imagine this: a student from a well-off family – let’s say her name is Ann - goes to school in branded outfits, and shows off to her friends. Jealous of Ann, another girl – named April – returns home and tells her mother, “Mum, I want Guess jeans for my Christmas!” Such scenario is less likely to happen if uniform is a rule.

However, I do think that uniform is not suitable for tertiary institution. At their age, undergraduates should be given the freedom to express themselves through fashion. Of course, they should adhere to some forms of dress codes. Revealing dress is no-no in classrooms, and students should wear shoes inside laboratories.

So, what do you think? Should students wear uniform?

Japan’s high school uniform: nice, huh?


  1. Japanese and Korean have super mini skirts (in all the movies/series) for school uniforms leh... XD

  2. i think students should be in uniform, at least for pri and secondary sch to reduce the headache of parents!

  3. I am indifferent. But having said that, having uniforms in schools can be a form of discipline designed to inculcate good behaviour and dress sense.

    Dressing appropriately in the workplace is important.

  4. Girls should wear uniform, and guys in home clothes. =p

    I read in some article that school uniform improves overall discipline in the kid, and bonds the kid to school. It also helps to narrow down culprits should the student misbehave in public when in school uniform.

  5. pros and cons...

    discipline, reduce headache of choosing what to wear, prevent showing off and jealousy (like u mentioned), bonding students together, etc etc

    i hate uniform cos i look ugly in it... hohohoho

    ps: replied your comment in my blog. :)

  6. I agree that students in primary and secondary should don proper uniform to school. It's a way to instill discipline in them. :)

  7. Uniform are alright and I agree with your thoughts on branded dressing. Why you didn't take school gal in uniform for your photoshoot?

  8. I guess I agree with wearing uniform for Primary and Secondary school days... apart from reducing headache for parents, it also sort of puts every student on the same level, without regards to their background or wealth.

  9. like 迷迭香 said..these two country's uniform very sexy de...not like malaysia expecially malay school.nothing can c..haha

  10. Same comment as above.

  11. I believe in uniforms for primary and secondary students for discipline. After that, students should be free to wear anything they want including singlets, mini skirts, flip flop, bikinis, pyjamas, haha! Ok, just kidding!

    Students in Uni and colleges should have the freedom to wear what they want but must still be appropriate and not like they are going to a party or to the beach!

  12. In France, there are no uniforms. Therefore, I have a hard time imaginating how it is... Canada doesn't have uniforms either, just maybe in some private schools.

    I think it works fine. Sure, kids want brand clothes but if not brand clothes, it's gonna be cell phone, bikes, toys etc. right? It's up to the parents to explain them that you can't have it all.

  13. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your comments.