Saturday, February 02, 2008

Facebook – the next Google?

If I search for “Wat Doi Suthep” on, Google could deduce that I may be going to Chiang Mai. It will then insert a text ad for hotel information in the Rose of the North. This is a concept known as target marketing.

Advertising on Facebook works in the same way, but possibly with higher precision. When we join the social networking site, we disclose our personal information such as the country/state/city we live, college attended, workplace, activities and interests. Facebook will then display advertisements that could catch our attention. Here are what I see when I log onto Facebook…

Pretty amazing, huh? And I can bet that if I enter “traveling” in the “interests” field of my profile, I will see advertisements of airlines and hotels.

Some time ago Facebook even intended to notify a user’s friends when he or she made a purchase online. Fortunately, protest from the users forced CEO Mark Zuckerberg to shelf his plan. Just imagine you subscribe Penthouse online and all your friends know about it

Advice to all Facebook users:

Do not disclose too much of your personal data. Your privacy could be at RISK!


  1. Maybe I'm too old for all these already! I'm so lazy to upload photos and profile again and again...

  2. kai
    I am too old also. I didn't think of joining Facebook until my much younger coursemate sent me an invitation, LOL...