Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Facebook was the hottest website in 2007. It is the second largest social networking site, after MySpace, but the fastest growing one. According to the company’s fact sheet, Facebook boosts 63 million active users.

A couple of months ago, my MBA course mate sent a Facebook invitation to me. Reluctantly, I became a Facebook user. All this while, however, I am still asking the same question, “What can I do with Facebook?”

Facebook has many silly applications such as Poke, Pinch and Spank Me. It may be a fun to 'poke' a friend once or twice, but I am not going to do the same thing every week. Facebook also allows us to share our photos, and I am a shutterbug, but I can upload photos to my blog or Flickr too. If fact, I prefer to share photos on Blogger, where I can add a story.

As a blogger, I can be creative. Every post in my blog is the result of my creativity. As a Facebook user, I only do silly things like ‘poking’, ‘pinching’ and ‘spanking’.

In blogosphere, a blogger expresses his or her experience, interests and opinion on certain issues. In Facebook, it is much harder to know much about another user through his/her profile. In a sense, Facebook is great for connecting with your existing, real life friends, but possibly no so great for meeting new friends. Just a matter of fact, all my Facebook friends are people whom I personally know.

I may be wrong, though. After all, I haven’t spent much time on Facebook. Perhaps they are some hidden treasures which I have yet to discover.

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  1. I don't think one should relate Facebook with blogs because these two aren't of the same genre altogether! While blogs are personal spaces for one to write anything he/she wants, Facebook is just a social site where users can have fun.

    From your post, correct me if I am wrong, but your impression towards Facebook is just merely a silly website where users poke, pinch and spank.

    There are a lot of other things you can do at Facebook! First and foremost, you can send virtual gifts to friends. As insignificant as it might seem to you, sometimes these little gestures mean a lot to your friends. Secondly, there's this application called Causes where you can find many causes to support by raising awareness among your friends. Third, and my last point for this comment, there are certain games you can indulge in Facebook. I'm currently playing a Scrabble-alike game called Scrabulous on Facebook with my friend, and don't tell me it is not beneficial...

    However, I do agree with you that Facebook is not so great when it comes to meeting new friends. Personally, I do not add friends whom I totally don't know.

    By writing this comment I do not mean any offence, or force you to accept Facebook; it's just my two cents.

  2. face book ? I got but seldom go into it

  3. day-dreamer
    Thanks for your enlightenment. I never know there is such thing called Causes.

    Oh yeah, I did send CNY greeting to my friends. As for 'beer', well...

    I also know about Scrabulous. Haven't got time to play, though...

    Perhaps I need to spend more time to discover the goldmine of Facebook...

  4. Agree with you that poking and pinching "virtually" is pretty much meaningless.

    The only fun I enjoyed is Scrabulous, the online version of Scrabble.

    And the only thing I learnt is that one of my ex-colleagues is married, when he posted his ROM photo on Facebook.

    Cya Facebook.

  5. shingo
    Last heard the copyright owner of Scrabble wants Facebook to remove Scrabulous. Perhaps you won't have much time to play Scrabulous.