Monday, February 18, 2008

Jim Thompson House

Malaysians who have been to Cameron Highlands probably have heard of the Jim Thompson’s Trails, but who is Jim Thompson?

Jim Thompson was an architect-turn-entrepreneur who settled in Thailand after World War II and almost single-handedly revived Thai silk industry. In 1967, when Jim Thompson was holidaying in Cameron Highlands, he disappeared without trace. His home in Bangkok has since been turned into a museum.

Attention shoppers:

On the ground of Jim Thompson House is a store selling exquisite silk products!

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The Jim Thompson House


  1. hey honestly I din know about this le although I went to cameron for many times liao

  2. Jim who??? Jim Henson I heard before lah...neh...that muppet show guy...

  3. cocka,
    You must remember Jim Thomson silk products. Your wife will love them :P