Monday, February 25, 2008

The mantra is SLOW

I met a Japanese guy in a guesthouse near Khaosan Road. He had been in Bangkok since before Christmas.

According to him, he worked very hard in Japan. When he was in Bangkok, he spent his days drinking and sleeping.

The Japanese traveler and I

I had just six days in Thailand. My journey was as follows:

Compared to people who join package tour, I definitely had been to fewer places. I missed out Pattaya and crocodile farm, for example.

But I don’t regret. I am a working adult who study part-time. Like the Japanese guy in Khaosan, I had a hectic lifestyle. When I am on vacation, I just want to relax. I want to slow down…


  1. Yeah I hope i can go to thailand also...

  2. Khao San is always my favourite place to stay whenever I have vacation in Bangkok. ^_^

  3. keeyit
    I thought you have been to Thailand? OK, it is not wrong to go there a few more times. After all the LOS is near here and it is not an expensive destination.

    Khao San is an exciting place, but I think it is a bit touristy.

  4. i want to go there for many times.. bangkok is really a good places for eating and shopping.. cheap some more...

  5. working in japan quite stressful one..

    It is really stressful working while studying.. only people who got the determination can do that !!!

  6. keeyit
    Agree with you...

    I am not sure if I am determined, but I am forced to study part time...

  7. Sometimes slow down a bit to relax is good. :)

  8. may be u can arrange trip to another nice place to relax - Pattaya -, i had been there, it was so excited and joyous.

  9. kitkat
    Totally agree with you...

    Pattaya is certainly exciting. Just not sure about relaxing...

  10. The safari in Bangkok is nice to go too.

  11. jam
    Never been to Safari. Will consider that in my next trip...