Friday, November 07, 2008

Calling Home from the Sky

On September 9, 2009, I was flying home from Narita Airport, Japan to Kuala Lumpur. I was flying with Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

Since I woke up very early that morning, I was rather tired. After peeking at the beautiful stewardesses for 30 minutes, I decided to take a nap. “Malaysia Airlines’ seats have larger legroom,” I thought. “Air Asia just can’t match MAS in this regard…”

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard the guy who sat next to me yelling at his mobile phone, “DARLING! I AM COMING HOME! I WILL REACH KL AIRPORT AT 5PM. I HAVE BOUGHT SOME NICE DRESSES FOR YOU. EVERYTHING IS F****** EXPENSIVE IN JAPAN…”


Welcome onboard Malaysia Airlines. The airlines long noted for its superior service just gets better everyday. It has teamed up with AeroMobile to offer in-flight mobile phone service. You can now call home with you mobile phone from 30,000 feet above sea level!

But I am not sure if I would like the service. I find it disturbing that someone shouts into his or her mobile phone inside the cabin. I think I will try JAL or ANA in my next trip…


  1. hahaha i guess better to ban hp in the cabin, for everyone' sake. lol

  2. LOL~ can't he just call his darling before boarding or after landing? >.<

  3. xin
    Actually MAS always bans mobile phone in the cabin, until now.

    You should ask MAS:
    Why do they allow mobile phone to be used in the first place? If it is not allowed, then the passengers will have to make call before boarding.

  4. Nevermind la, very good, after a while people will get used to it. Now I can call my girlfiendssss from the cockpit too! Wuakakaka

  5. Tsk, Khengsiong! Peeking at the beautiful flight attendants? :P

  6. I think I will find it terribly irritating, just like I can't stand it when somebody talks on the phone while I watch movie in the cinema.

  7. Better ban it, esp if it's a long flight!

    and hey... since when u fly to the future?

    "On September 9, 2009"


  8. neo
    It sounds like you are a pilot...

    Just want to make the story more interesting :P

    So let's boycott MAS.

    That is a memorable date, LOL...