Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Evening Edition

The two Chinese characters read “evening news”.

Despite the availability of online news, I still read the traditional, printed newspapers. However, I find that, more often than not, I read them in the evening.

My typical workday is like this:

I leave my house at 7.30am. On my way to the office, I pick up a copy of The Star in the gas station. I flip through a few pages while waiting at the traffic light. Nonetheless, it is only in the evening, after I have my dinner, that I read the newspaper in details.

I can read printed newspaper in the sofa, on the dining table or inside Starbucks. There is some sort of flexibility online news cannot provide. Furthermore, after working in the office for hours, I just wish to take away my eyes from the computer monitor.

Every major newspaper now has online version. Online news slowly, but steadily, eats into the market of the printed versions. Perhaps printed newspapers’ future is in their evening editions.


  1. i do notice the diff of evening issue and the morning issue, sometimes even the headlines are diff ~ ^_^

    if u do not have time to read these chinese newspaper, dun buy first!

    if u bot in the morning and read in the evening, it will be outdated, as the evening version for the next day would have been available hahahaaaaa ~ ^_^

  2. i still prefer the printed one, talking about mobility, we can can even bring to toilet! :P

  3. i like to read in printed newspaper too... i dun like to read it online!

  4. 迷迭香
    But The Star only has morning edition...

    You're right! We can even use newspaper as replacement for toilet paper, LOL...

    Looks like you are a dinosaur, just like me ^^

  5. I also like printed newspaper and BOOKs too!

    I didn't go to PJ for meditation.

    ANyway, I'm really looking forward to another meditation retreat!

  6. Get a netbook, can bring anywhere more easily to read your online news,... but I don't have one... yet. :)

  7. I like to read printed newspaper vs online. But nowadays, latest news come to me via sms and blogs. Still, I like to relax with a newspaper in hand : )

  8. kai
    So you did the retreat in Penang?

    That I will need to sign up with 3G or WiMax service.

    SMS? Those news are very short. I want "in depth" news...

  9. ooo i didnt know now they come out evening sets...

    haha english newspaper doesn;t have this kinda service :(

  10. im dinosaur too..
    i can keep my article and interview with printed copy hehe..

  11. =/

    bringing papers to toilet means reading it inside....not wiping anything with it :P

    u sure u want your backside to be imprinted with letters?

  12. lisa
    So they may be a niche market for English newspapers evening edition.

    Interview? Interview with who?

    Backside imprinted with letters? That's like tattoo lah, haha...

  13. I prefer flipping through my copy of The Star too. I just don't know why - it's hard to describe that kind of preference over Haha.

  14. day-dreamer
    I think you nailed it. "Flipping" is easier than "scrolling".

  15. KS: media interviewed me.. heheh

  16. pingping
    Wow... you are a VIP...

  17. Morning or evening news, I still like mine in hard copy. :)

    Sometimes I cut out articles/pictures I like. :D

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  18. Nothing beats reading newspapers while "doing business" at the toilet.

    It's true! =p

  19. ya... i think it's the matter of time, that the online news will slowly take over the newspaper