Saturday, January 24, 2009

Half-Generation Gap

I came across a blog of a young lady recently. She had just completed her undergraduate study, but was reluctant to search for a job. Procrastination – that’s how she described herself.

After years of working, I returned to school to take up MBA. I observe that many younger students, like the blogger just mentioned, are in no hurry to earn money.

How things have changed! When I was an undergrad, many students secured a job before they even completed their study. I personally reported to duty one month after my last exam paper.

Is the younger generation spoiled? Do they lack work ethics? Or perhaps the older generations simply work too hard. We do not know how to “enjoy life”.

In whatever the case, I strongly believe the youths who don’t work should make use of their free time wisely. They can, for example, be social workers helping the less fortunate people. Alternatively, they may want to travel around the world – like what Kikey is doing – and come back with their stories.

My advice to the younger generation is:

Don’t be idle. You are only young once.


  1. Wishing you a happy n prosperous new year. I did consider masters but decided againts it. right or wrong i dont bother any more. i am happy where i a now ..touch wood :)

  2. when people asked me, why I chose to be an au pair instead of a stable career in Malaysia.

    My answer is, "I don't want my life like everyone else, study-> graduated-> working-> married-> have kids-> get old and die!"

    I wanna to see more things in this world..

    We should enjoy our life!
    We should explore more!

    Wish everyone can fulfill the dream! Nothing is impossible.. (^.^)

  3. well the thing is their parents still able to support them...
    and pamper them

    so no hurry...

    as for us, we were so worry about money and all..

    since I am the eldest the burden is heavier :(

  4. Hi Khengsiong --

    I don't think the young should be idle but I think they (and older folks) should know how to enjoy life too. My personal maxim: work hard, play hard! :b

  5. in deed, I never get any money from my parents, all my expenses is the money that I earn...

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I agree that we should enjoy life and play hard. But yum cha and gossiping with friends aren't good enough.

  7. We should enjoy our lives to the fullest. Dunno when I am supposed to have one. Heh.

  8. Yeah! Weird huh youth nowadays. Perhaps they don't have this sense of urgency! Anyway I wanna wish you happy chinese cow year! May the God of prosperity bless with you with lots of money. And may you always be in good health! =)

  9. 来拜个年,


  10. I want to enjoy life more... only if I had more moolah... wahahaha...

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  11. Yes, we are young only once, so don't waste it! I think young people should make use of their time while they are still young to go out there and work hard and at the same time play hard! : )

  12. my dean keeps encouraging us student to take master instead of working...he has his point!

    for me, after graduating, i plan to go traveling one month first before working lo...if i have enough moolah la :D

  13. Who to blame? Parents or the youth themselves?

    Parents don't want to pressure their children (asking them to wait, don't take this kind of job because there is no future, etc...), children choose not to face the challenges so soon (my parents didn't really need my mone) who's fault is this?

  14. I used to be young.
    Now I am young at heart.

    Earning the cash early is a hedge against setbacks later in life.

    I'll rather be the ants that collect food for winter, than be the grasshopper who dance till the winter came.

  15. i too wish that i can choose not to work :P

    but, wish and reality are 2 diff stories. idling is only fun if u are loaded, and not sitting at home and get moldy. kids today are overly-spoilt, most of them do not have the concept of money and they just demand evrything from parents.

  16. many youngester 不切实际, but parents play an important role..;)
    I got no choice to struggle for living since young, so got to work and earn money whatever possible.. but now.. i m more balance in life :)
    Young Enough Huh :D

  17. pingping
    You certainly have worked hard and played hard, and studied hard...