Thursday, September 03, 2009

False Claims

Influenza A (H1N1) has caused havoc throughout the world. The Association of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Malaysia claims that Chinese traditional medicine is effective in fighting this deadly disease. The reason given: China has not recorded a single fatality.

A few years ago, when SARS was on the rage in Asia, South Korea was lucky to have escaped the brunt. The nationalist Koreans attributed it to their national cuisine – kimchi. This time they are not so lucky. Several Koreans have already died from H1N1 infection.

China, on the other hand, was badly hit during the SARS outbreak. One wonders why Chinese traditional medicine is effective against H1N1 but not against SARS.

Meanwhile, a Malaysian doctor claimed that homosexual acts and masturbation raise the acid level in our bodies, and thereby weaken our immunity against H1N1. Should we encourage casual sex and ‘decriminalize’ prostitution so that lonely men and women need not masturbate?

This same doctor also said that coconut water is an antidote to Influenza A. Well, if I sell sate (satay), I will also tell you that:

Sate will save the world from H1N1!


  1. Well...that kinda make sense for China right? Ha :D Ouh...this time Kimchi is not that effective anymore lar! LOL :D

    Huh? Encourage prostitution? Who suggested this? LOL :D

  2. wow kheng siong, this post is more than normal level~

  3. These are all claims yet to be proven, however some chinese medicines are really effective in boosting our immune system....

  4. These people are all claiming this and that works. The whole medical and healthcare profession might as well close shop already.

    What a bunch of senseless claims...coming from these people.

  5. hmmm... so many claim about this and that to prevent H1N1.

    I personally think that it's important we eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink more water, take a regular exercise and get enough rest. These will be enough for us to maintain our immune system to fight H1N1. :)

  6. cordyceps also good to prevent H1N1? What I know is we need to keep our body cool, drink more cooling drinks..

  7. as far as i am concerned i have been eating lots of fruits and VitaminC....^_^

  8. Tekkaus
    The Koreans can't boast this time

    More than normal level? Really?

    Agree that Chinese medical herbs can boost our immune system, but this is not the 'bullet-proof'.

    Mei Ting
    Actually some of the people who make those claims are doctors.

    Maybe you can encourage the folks to join gym, haha...

    I simply picked one picture for this post. Not exactly sure if cordycep helps, haha...

  9. 迷迭香
    Yeah, I think that's a good way.

  10. 自从H1N1爆发以来,民间就转说许多秘方可以医治这个流感,可惜都是谣言。诚如你说的中药也可以治sars为什么不可医治流感?哈哈。。。很矛盾列。。


  11. im not sure whether homosexuality will contribute to more h1n1 cases or not.. hmm..

  12. It's hard to believe that China has no death due to H1N1 having so many people infected.

    Interesting about the Malaysian doc's claim about homosexual acts and masturbation. Encouraging casual sex and decriminalising prostitution is also a double-edge sword. We may be switching to fighting STDs and aids instead though the move will probably prevent more dollars from going across the border.

    H1N1 is basically a flu so enough intake of Vit C is helpful.

  13. 花木兰 

    No proof on that.

    I suppose China has learned from its painful experience of SARS. This time they react fast.

  14. one of my (malay) lecturer actually blamed piggie for spreading this h1n1...uncivilized lecturer he is! wtf
    porkie is yummo wtf wtf

  15. haha, sometimes i really find those talks amusing, mostly ridiculous.. if what they said is right, then why hasn't there a vaccine yet?? :)

  16. Hoho.. no lar, reading blog is the antidote to H1N1, because reading blog and staying at home prevents infection! Hohohohoh... faster come read my bloggie le.

  17. annant
    An excuse to cull the pigs...

    Vaccine will be available soon. China is also making vaccines, but I believe they use Western methods.

    I have visited your blog :)

  18. I think most media are making a huge deal of the epidemic...

    Chinese traditional medicine isn't bad actually, but I think it's wrong to say it can cure the disease.

    It bothers me more when I hear the claim about masturbation and homosexuality... that's a whole different agenda.

  19. LOL

    Where do you read about the Malaysian Doctor with the claim that masturbation raise the acid level in our bodies, and thereby weaken our immunity against H1N1??

  20. Zhu
    Yes, I was bothered by the claim regarding masturbation and homosexuality too.

    The claims made by the Malaysian doctor has been reported in newspaper.

  21. LOL!!! imagine bak kut teh seller also say bkt can save the world. lol.

  22. shingo
    Singapore's Lao Pa Sa!


    That's what Koreans claimed. But this time it is no longer effective.