Sunday, September 06, 2009

Life with Influenza A Outbreak

Since this country was hit by Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak, I find myself to use elevator less often, and staircase more.

A crowded elevator can be high risk place to catch the flu. Mexico, the country which was the epicenter of the outbreak, had a nationwide ‘shut down’ to stop the spread of the deadly virus. During the 5-day shut down period, no more than six people can enter an elevator. So I decided to avoid crowded elevators whenever possible.

Of course, I don’t walk up the staircase from level 1 to level 5, carrying my notebook computer. If I am without my heavy load, going two or three levels up is certainly possible. It also doubles as a physical exercise.

Are you attached to elevators?


  1. I notice that you are a very cautious person. It is good to take precautions.....

    I do not always need to take elevator both at home and at work.

  2. ya, better be safe than sorry..

  3. Grass
    Actually I am not exactly cautious, but I see it doubles as a physical exercise.


  4. I don't use elevator nor lift at home and at work. So no worries.

  5. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise for you? Because now you can do more exercise? LOL :D

  6. A more fit looking you now that you're using the staircase more? :)

  7. Poor me... i have no choice but use the elevator everyday coz i stay @ 23rd floor... i don't think i could walk up and down with the staircase :p

  8. Neo
    So you use staircase too?


    Mei Ting
    Not yet, haha...

    23rd floor is not a problem for a gym rat like you, right?

  9. I rarely take the elevator:

    1) because I don't have the patience to wait for it
    2) because I hate elevator conversation
    3) because they are always packed
    4) because climbing a few stairs never killed anyone

    I guess the virus is one more thing to add to the list now! :D

  10. It's not practical if you're on the upper floors of a highrise office or housing block.

    What Mexico did was a daring move but not without protest but it worked according to the government officials who came here.

    I believe The Star carried an article indicating that WHO informed that the virus did not mutate afterall. Still, better to take the necessary precautions, yeah?

  11. hmmm, i still taking elevators, because my office is on the 5th floor.. i only occassionally take the stairs when there are too many ppl queuing for the lifts..

  12. Zhu
    You hate elevator conversation? That's first time I learn of this reason :P

    Yes, the virus has not mutated. Yes, I am not in the high risk groups. But I don't want to spread the virus.

    5th floor going down is still OK, I think...

  13. My office is on level 3, and often, I still do take the elevator.

  14. Good for you!

    I try to use the stairs and avoid the elevator not because of the H1N1 but because it helps me to be fitter.

    Btw, these days, everytime I use the elevator and press the buttons, I have this urge to wash my hands with water or the sanitizer. I can imagine someone with H1N1 pressing on those buttons and leaving trails of viruses behind!

  15. Shingo
    Time to work out!

    I sometimes use the tip of the umbrella to press the button, LOL...