Saturday, September 26, 2009


Wawasan Bridge

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, but Putrajaya is the seat of government. In other words, Putrajaya is the administrative capital of this country.

Putrajaya is the brainchild of Tun Mahathir Mohammad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is a beautiful city, with magnificent government offices, mosques and bridges. Somehow, after spending a few hours there recently, I started to feel something not right.

Many people have complained that Putrajaya is very warm. The center of the city, where the supersized monuments are located, is a concrete jungle. There are few trees to provide cooling effect.

I was searching for a restaurant, but there were very few shops. In the end, I left the city with empty stomach. In fact, I had difficulty in locating a gas station.

Precinct 2, where many government departments are located, is like a ghost town on weekend. It would have been better if there were a few shops, such as restaurants. Unfortunately, there are none.

Tun Mahathir was a very ambitious person. He wanted Putrajaya to be grand. Unfortunately, the sheer scale of the city means that it is not pedestrian-friendly. The former Prime Minister was fiercely anti-America, but Putrajaya reminds me of the typical American cities, where cars are king.

Beautiful as it is, Putrajaya is a flawed city…

Precinct 2 the ghost town
P/S Blogger and our future architect Soleilian has a post on Putrajaya too. Read his views here.


  1. nice shot of the majestic bridge. there're 5 bridges in total isn't it?

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. You know what? That's the sentiment I felt too. What warmth is there? All that steely facade and concrete jungle look.

    I have problems trying to locate the taman-taman though. The road signs don't seem to help. I have yet to find my way to the taman-taman. Sigh...

  3. nice pict of the bridge..

  4. The wawasan bridge is gorgeous. I have been to Putrajaya twice and I am awed with the buildings and structures there. :)

  5. Sure looks like a Ghost town. Maintainance fees must have cost a bomb.

  6. Is it really not worth visiting, I have not been there and plan to go there to take a look sometime end of the year.

  7. What held the greatest fascination for me when I first set foot there were the street-lamps. They are indeed beautiful and varied with each precinct having their own distinct ones. Did you notice? Oh yes, the houses there are good-looking too. Sadly, people still flock to KL for their w/e R&R.

    All things considered, it is still a worthwhile visit - the Wetlands, the Putra Mosque, the PM's office complex and the PM's official residence. I missed the 9 bridges but saw them only from afar.

    Trees, definitely, we need more.

    Very nice pictures, KS.

  8. SJ
    Happysurfer says there are 9 bridges.

    Mei Ting
    I was lost too. The road signs certainly needs improvement.

    I think this is the most beautiful of all bridges there.

    No doubt Putrajaya is a good place to visit. Just not so good to live there.

    Maintenance fee is no issue. This is the seat of government, so 'face' is more important.

    Putrajaya is worth a visit. Just that it is not a good place to live.

    What R&R are there in Putrajaya? The city is more for tourists.

  9. I visited there few months ago and also very disappointed.

  10. No restaurants or shops and feels like a ghost town? Reminds me of a few cities, often government-oriented. Like Curitiba in Brazil, Adelaide and Camberra in Australia, la Défense in Paris...

    I get the feeling.

  11. i went there once during a school trip...few years back =.=

    visited da palace of justice as well, where a bunch of us had fun in da temporary jail =.=

  12. Yes, I agree, it's a ghost town during weekends. There is a shopping mall though, called Alamanda. Been there once only as it's just a typical mall, nothing special to warrant a second visit all the way from kl. :)

  13. been to putrajaya a couple of times, but only at night and once for outing in the noon. usually only go there makan angin at night, and i only remember seeing one mamak and one 7-11 around putrajaya somewhere hidden in one of the presints when i got lost there. LOL. can't recall if i see any petrol stations tho...

  14. i like the first pic!!
    the angle is cool ~ ^_^

  15. 花花树
    Actually it's quite beautiful. Just something missing.

    Government and shops don't mix?

    Ha... I have been to the defunct Pudu Jail too.

    The Alamanda's parking system is stupid. The auto pay stations do not provide change.

    I should have filled up the petrol tank before going there...


  16. I kind of agree with you that Putrajaya is a flawed city.

  17. POYO la....