Sunday, October 11, 2009

Exclusive Rights

My brother-in-law, who lives in Singapore, is a soccer fan. He has been watching EPL (English Premier League) matches on Starhub pay-TV.

Starting next year, however, Starhub will not be showing EPL matches, as it has lost the broadcasting rights to rival Singtel. Needless to say, soccer fans of the island republic who have subscribed to Starhub must be very frustrated. I expect many of them to defect to Singtel.

Starhub is not going to surrender, though. It still has the exclusive rights to broadcast Spanish La Liga. Both Starhub and Singtel are competing for next year’s World Cup.

It would be easier for the soccer fans should Singtel win the rights over World Cup. All they need to do is to jump ship. Thing would be interesting if Starhub wins. How would the fans choose between EPL and World Cup?

Sometimes I just hate those so-called exclusive rights. (Well, I say ‘sometimes’. If I have invested in Singtel, I may have different feeling.)

I think my brother-in-law should just stick to Starhub and watch La Liga instead. After all, Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi play in the bull-fighting kingdom. Ladies should also consider throwing your support behind La Liga, as Ronaldo is good-looking


  1. Then...just don't watch lor! LOL :D That's what I have succeeded in doing.

  2. I'd still prefer to watch EPL over La Liga though I'd like to see Chelsea lose more. hehe..

  3. Malaysia is better than Singapore in this. All we need is only Astro, haha.

  4. tekkaus
    To the fans, not watching football matches is like quitting smoking.

    Do you find it funny?

    You don't need to support Man United as Ronaldo has already left the team.

    Before there was Astro, footballs matches were shown on RTM.

  5. Although msian used to watch it for free and now paying astro, but it still beats singaporeans who will be torn between the 2 providers right. hehehe

  6. Khengsiong, are you a football fan? Thought its only the first time I see you write anything about it.

  7. Thank God I don't watch soccer. Save money for me. LOL

  8. xin
    Maybe a second provider in Malaysia will force Astro to lower the subscription fee.

    Not exactly a fan...

    Save money to buy more photography gears, LOL...

  9. I'm NOT a fan of Ronaldo's. Never was, never am, never will be. MU all the way...

  10. yeah i hate those exclusive rights too, but it has become a trend in marketing gimmicks now.. so if you are lucky you get the first hand views, else wait for another three more months.. :p

  11. Happysurfer
    OK, then pray that Astro won't increase the subscription fee.

    Sadly, everything is about money now.

  12. They just did. RM15 or RM20, I think, not sure.