Sunday, October 18, 2009

WiMAX Update

If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably still remember that I had an unexpected meeting with the CEO of Green Packet last May.

Green Packet is the parent company of Packet One (P1), Malaysia’s first WiMAX service provider. P1 has been operating in Peninsula Malaysia, but it has got the green light from the government to roll out in service in East Malaysia. The government approved P1’s expansion after it met the requirement of 25% population coverage in Peninsula Malaysia.

I am not particularly thrilled of the news. I am concerned that P1 would lose focus in Peninsula Malaysia, and that my hometown would not be covered as soon as I would like. P1 should have been asked to cover 50% of the population in Peninsula Malaysia before it is allowed to cross the South China Sea.

Meanwhile, Redtone, the other WiMAX service provider, is eyeing an expansion in the opposite direction. Redtone currently operates in East Malaysia. As of last August, it had just 1,000 subscribers, and covered just Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. It had already applied for spectrum in Peninsula Malaysia.

I am afraid the businesses are not interested in the smaller markets. The digital divide between the urban and rural folks is set to widen.


  1. Good info, KS. Thanks for sharing. I hear Redtone is gaining share market here due to their networking marketing system or whatever it's called.

    The P1 Wimax advert on tv is hilarious and impactful, I'm sure. Hard for people not to remember the brand though signing up for it is another matter. I was told reception leaves much to be desired. Your thoughts?

  2. I believe you may be right. They are looking at the big market.

  3. Yupe! I read about it too the other day! :) But why don't P1 come to Malacca. Ha :D

  4. That was the first blog post I read in your blog.

    Malaysia is really losing out in term of this, Singapore is now on the way to super high speed broadband services....

  5. Happysurfer
    I also use P1. Reception and speed varies over time, but still better than Streamyx. Your mileage may varies.

    Mei Ting
    That's the sad thing.

    Melaka's market is not as big as Kota Kinabalu lah...

    Singapore is small, so laying fiber is easier.

  6. oooh no wonder im starting to see the ad of redtone...

  7. xin
    Really? Redtone's ads for WiMAX or WiFi?

  8. Will the speed be affected as more and more people sign up for Wimax at a particular location?

  9. foongpc
    Yes, if more people sign in, speed will be affected. But then the operator can, in theory, upgrade the cell.

  10. actually the service provided is still very unstable over here, apparently due to incomplete infra...