Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Android Phones – alternatives to iPhone

Apple iPhone is the must-have of every gadget lover. Or, as I put it in my earlier post, it is the LV of smart phone. Bloggers Foongpc and Witch both recommend it. Nonetheless, iPhone is not the only choice for potential smart phone buyers. As I stroll through KLCC last week, I saw a Maxis booth selling HTC Wildfire and HTC Desire, two of many flavors of Android-based phones.

For the uninitiated, Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. A number of phone makers make Android phones. They include HTC, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. You may be surprised to learn that Android phones actually outsold iPhone in the second quarter of 2010. (Apple should pick up more sales in 3Q though, following its launch of iPhone 4 in June.) Singaporean blogger Leon is one Android phone user.

Both Foongpc and Witch noted that the apps of iPhone as one of its major selling points. Android phones also enjoy a wide range of apps – not as many as iPhone, but should satisfy a casual user like me.

So, if I were to get a smart phone now, which one should I pick? iPhone is certainly tempting. But if everyone else is flocking to iPhone, I may want to buck the trend…

Two Android phones sold in Malaysia – HTC Desire & Samsung Galaxy S


  1. yeah, it's like everyone is flocking for iPhone, even the Bangla and Indon workers are using them (what i heard in SG lah)!!

  2. i've been using my this Nokia 6300 phone for more than 3 years now, thinking of changing a new phone..

  3. as confused and undecisive as you, which one should i go for?? :p

  4. I heard that most Android phones have shorter battery life compared to iPhone. That's not good cos I'm already complaining about iPhone's short battery life!

    Other than that, I think it depends a lot on what you want to use your smart phone for.

    Why don't you get both an iPhone and an HTC Desire and do the comparison then tell us which is better? Hahaha!!

  5. Yeah! I love Samsung Galaxy S. :D

  6. Everyone's using iPhone.

  7. stacey
    OK, you are Samsung fan.

    Bangla and Indon workers also own iPhone!??

    Maybe I get one Desire and you loan me your iPhone :P

    Eh... I thought you are a Nokia fan?

    Mei Teng
    That's why we no longer have bragging right if we own an iPhone.

  8. I think the Iphone certainly had an edge, but other companies may do better now as Smartphones become more widespread.

  9. I recommend that you buy an Android phone such as HTC Desire, and consider Ipod Touch as an additional gadget, you’ll get the best of both world.

  10. When it comes to response time, Samsung has the edge.

  11. Zhu, Grass, Happysurfer

  12. Samsung looks sweet! I'm considering that Galaxy too. (gotta wait for its price to drop drop drop for a few hundred bucks first XD) :)

  13. I don't know about the other touch screen phones but out of the few that I've tried so far, nothing has surpassed Iphone yet in terms of responsiveness and smoothness of graphics. Also, my favourite game Angry Bird is only available with Iphone! LOL!

  14. I only need a basic phone to communicate.

  15. kyh
    But the time Galaxy's price drop, better models would be coming. So no point waiting.


    Autumn Belle
    OK, then you can save some money.

  16. hahah.. u're right about gadgets and technology. but i'm pretty contented with this offering. ;)

  17. weird..i tot i left a comment here already. anyway, i installed android on my htc hd2 and it is working surprisingly smooth for the fact that it is only running as an app

  18. kyh
    What offering do you mean?

    Oh, then maybe you can write about it.

  19. Thanks Khengsiong for mentioning my blog in this post.

    I think there is a great potential in android. Although mine is an old model phone running on android, so far I have no problem and it meet my need to go online on the go.

    I don't want to influence any buyer here to take side but if you want to get a phone, asked yourself what do you need and your budget is. Do not follow the trend and get a hot phone paying much for it ended up you didn't use much of the function.

    For non-smart phone users, getting used to touch screen to SMS is a big change for your lifestyle. So do keep that in mind.

  20. Leon
    Thanks. Yes, I don't want to follow the trend, LOL...

  21. I will go for iPhone 4! But true enough, HTC's android phones are pretty good too!

    I wonder what game is that Angry Bird...

  22. Jasmine
    You'll know what Angry Bird is when you get an iPhone ;)

  23. Does the game come default with iPhone? I have Googled and it looks like a fun game to play!

  24. Jasmine
    Not sure. I am only considering a smart phone. Haven't owned one yet.