Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Gloating Chinese 幸灾乐祸的中国人


Hong Kong people and Chinese express their grief and anger following the killing of nine Hong Kong tourists in a hostage tragedy in Manila. They condemned Filipino government and cops for their failure to protect the hostages.

However, there was a small group of Hongkongese and Chinese Mainlanders who were more than happy to see their fellows being killed in the Philippines. Click to enlarge the snapshots below to learn more about these uncompassionate Chinese…

Milker Tsui: 港人死嗮都好!唔駛香港地方咁迫窄..

(It would be great if all Hong Kong people die. Hong Kong won’t be so crowded…)

陈雅倩 Alicia: 好失望咯,以为D香港人真系死嗮

(I am very disappointed. I thought all those Hong Kong people really die…)

Mandykkhi: 一点都不同情香港人

(I don’t feel a bit sorry for Hong Kong people.)

上朝拜海: 香港的穷鬼们去什么菲律宾

(Why did the poor bastards of Hong Kong go to the Philippines?)

刘我都快: 好啊,香港的活该,我要放鞭炮!

(GreatThey deserve it. I want to burn fire crackers!)



Those on Facebook are Hongkongese. The rest are Mainlanders.

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  1. That's terrible to be gloating over the demise of those poor people who died tragically. May the victims' families and loved ones be comforted.

  2. wat a sad thing n shame thing. :(

  3. That's terrible! I feel sorry for Hongkies

  4. These are inhuman comments...

    Hope they are just childish and not seriuos...

  5. They will get it back one day. :(

  6. so sad. It's is what we watch on TV saying peopel don't go through their big brain.

    yes, 1 million people near, but nothing compared to KL.

  7. It's just like those Arabs (i presume Palestinians) in NYC celebrating in their shopfronts on the day 911 occurred. U should've seen their gleeful faces! Feel like giving them a hard punch!

  8. inhumane!!! all i can say is: WTF??? i bet they dont know for a fact that karma is a bitch

  9. These guys are really mean. Don't say to others what you do not want them to say to you.

  10. I've always believed that it's not nice to wish death upon anyone. May those who died in this tragedy rest in peace.

  11. those are really dumb people lor.. never think properly what they say and what they write..

  12. it's not funny at all with those statement they think are "有型", but rather i think those are low class and definitely irritates people..

  13. i think they should learn a lesson by having the same shoes put onto themselves..