Friday, August 06, 2010

It’s more than Specs

Which smart phone should you buy?

Blogger Tekkaus recommends Nokia E72. He compares the specifications of Nokia E72 and iPhone side-by-side, and concludes that the former is a better phone. But before I drill deeper into this issue, let me digress a bit…

A couple of years ago, I was searching for a backpack for my DSLR camera. I narrowed my choice to two – Tamrac Adventure 7 and Crumpler Sinking Barge. Tamrac was more practical, with lots of pockets to store accessories, but Crumpler was more stylish.

Tamrac – practical but boring

Crumpler – colorful and youthful

There is another issue with Tamrac: If I were to take out the camera, I must first lay down the bag on the floor. Imagine if I were shooting at a muddy place… With Crumpler, I could access the camera while the bag is still on my shoulder.

In the end, I got a Crumpler…

When you are buying a car, what factors do you consider? Price, dimensions, engine capacity, fuel economy… and of course physical design. You want a cool-looking car, don’t you?

Now back to the question of smart phone choice. Specifications-wise, iPhone may not be the best. But it is elegant. And many iPhone users have reported that the phone is intuitive and easy to use. (Disclaimer: I don’t own an iPhone.) These qualities are not easily quantifiable, but they are the factors potential buyers would consider.

Specs are not everything…


  1. i m not so particular about long as it serves me well, i'm satisfied.

  2. i think the tamrac is actually nicer than the crumpler woh..

  3. but then i think i will consider the practicality first, then only on the design..

  4. especially gadgets, i do think those fancy features actually compromise the usability..

  5. so really, it depend on individual needs and preference on the features..

  6. Nokia E72 rocks! :D

    Haha :D yeah! Sometimes...the look itself is enough to bond with the potential buyers. :D

  7. For me, practicality, functionality and if in the case of a car, fuel saving always come first. I don't just go for looks or style of something.

    The Tamrac bag looks more sturdy and tough compared to Crumpler.

  8. wenn
    When it comes to expensive stuff, I think we have to be more particular.

    If you look at the bags personally, you will know that Crumpler is more stylish.

    OK, I know you are a Nokia fan.

    Mei Teng
    You may be wrong. The Crumpler has think paddings. Unfortunately, this also means its capacity is not as big as its look suggest.

  9. From the look, I also like Tamrac more....

  10. i am not so much of a look person when it comes to gadgets, just whichever serves me better :P

    p/s: even for crumplers notebook, i think it is a waste of space to have so much of paddings inside, and it is already heavy without a notebook!

  11. I guess iphone has more than just specs to be compared to. For starters, its apps is just overwhelming! After getting an iphone, you might want to get rid of your GPS, your PSP, your SMS, etc.. too many things that can keep you occupied. Even banking/govt websites are making iphone apps... the wave is too significant to ignore..

  12. I don't use smartphones cause they are smarter than me. That's why I use iPhone! LOL!!

    Seriously, iPhone beats the competition. Like witch said, its apps are too overwhelming to ignore. Forget about all other smart phones, get an iPhone : )

  13. Grass
    Actually Tamrac doesn't look as great as in picture.

    My Crumpler camera bag is also too heavy -_-"

    witch, foongpc
    OK, got it. Apps are awesome!

  14. Right now, I only have a small bag for just the camera body and a small lens. I use a simple backpack and throw the camera in...!

  15. Khengsiong,

    the trees would have given you away. Most of them are barren. In Auckland, we don't have snow. You have to drive 4 hours to the mountains for that.

    This morning was a cold crisp morning of 6 degrees. But the sun came out and gave us the illusion of summer. just wear a few more layers, and you will be fine

    How many cameras do you have? You want to sell your old ones? I like one that zooms in the birds in the bush and take night photos. LOL

  16. crumpler rocks! got one a year ago... great for travelling and storing my camera. good padding and comfy to wear. u got the blue one?

  17. ann
    I only have 2 cameras - one DSLR and a compact. Unfortunately I don't have long zoom lens which can take bird pictures.

    Yes, I got a blue Crumpler.