Saturday, June 28, 2008

50% of GDP

One of my MBA classmates is an agent of direct selling, also know as multi-level marketing (MLM). In the class, she told us that direct selling has a very bright future, and the sales from it will amount to 50% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of this country.

I am not sure if I can trust her. As far as I know, shopping is the national pastime of Malaysians. In Klang Valley, we shop at KLCC, Starhill, MidValley, Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama, among others. Penangites shop at Queensbury Mall. Johoreans may even cross the strait to spend their weekend at Singapore’s Orchard Road.

Just imagine: if we opt for direct selling, we will get our goods from our uplines or directly from warehouse. How boring could it be?

I am not against direct selling. I am just thinking that the projected sales figure (50% of GDP) is too optimistic.


  1. Different ppl different habit gua....Direct sell more suitable for those lazy shopping ppl??
    Anyway, I prefer shop at shopping mall.
    That is not only a shopping activity. I like to see more products, more prices, more people...Important is, I HATE people 'push' me buying something..hahaha

  2. I always got phobia towards direct sales / insurance ppl.

    Prefer shop my own.

  3. Have nothing against direct selling.

    What matters at the end of the day is that the goods must be of good quality and fair value compared to retail outlets.

  4. Shop on our own is like a past time. Hate those direct sellers who love to bug and bug and bug u. That's their business tactic, I guess. On-line shopping is a cool thing too, though I haven't tried b4.

  5. sinji
    I don't doubt that some people like direct selling. What I am sceptical is the "50% of GDP" prediction.

    Even if you are wary of insurance agents, you must have insurance protection too.

    This is not about pro or against direct selling. Again I am merely sceptical of the "50% of GDP" prediction. Note the title of this post.

    Online shopping is probably cheaper, as the service providers do not need a shop front.

  6. Not a fan of direct selling. Of course there are some who earn a lot from direct selling, but certainly not me. May be I am not suitable for that bowl of rice.

  7. Ya, the 50% of GDP sounds incredible.

    Just making a side comment about my view on Network Marketing. ^_^

  8. jam
    Neither am I suitable to do direct selling.

    The goods from direct selling are often of good quality, but they are also more expensive.

  9. erm... that means...
    no more shopping ?
    are u kidding ?
    no more shopping ?
    argh.... no way !!

    that is the nasional pass time leh ~ >.<"

  10. 迷迭香
    Try catalog shopping :P
    But make sure your direct selling company sells LV.

  11. Direct selling is not really MLM. But I'm quite skeptical of MLM too. Those who benefit from it are the ones at the top already.

  12. 宝茹
    MLM people deny they do direct selling, but to outsiders, the terms are interchangeable.