Sunday, June 15, 2008

McDonald’s Location Strategy

I prefer Burger King’s Whopper to Big Mac. But in the last one year, I went to McDonald’s more often than Burger King.

The canteen of my company sells mainly spicy food. As I want to cut down on spicy food intake, I often have my lunch outside the company, and the most convenient location is a McDonald’s restaurant attached to a petrol station. (Many people point out that fast food is not good for health, but I believe spicy food is worse.)

While its competitors’ outlets are mostly in shopping malls, McDonald’s has diversified in terms of locations. It has set up many stores at petrol stations. Other than being more convenient to working people like me, there are several other advantages:

  • Unlike the restaurants in shopping malls, McDonald’s at petrol stations can be opened 24 hours.
  • They can offer drive-through service.

Now you know why McDonald’s is the world’s number 1 fast food chain

WARNING: Drive through service can be bad for the environment.


  1. For me, I prefer McD also. Followed by Burger King then A&W and last only KFC.

  2. keeyit
    When I was in the States, I hardly go to McD or KFC, since there were so many other options. You may want to read my old post to learn about other fast food chains in the U.S.

  3. Not much choices here. Burger King do not have as many outlets in Malaysia compared to McD. So, mostly I go to McD and I like Mc Chicken the most.

  4. Yeah, McD is more convenient and more easily available. BK used to have better buns. One time I was there and got turned off by the buns which were shedding like dandruff. Offputting!
    Never went back there since.

    Similarly, I used to go to A&W for their Coney dogs until their franks lost the usual oomph. They are now smaller/shorter and do not have the crunch back then. What are redeeming though are their fried chicken, curly fries (better than McD's) and rootbeer. I think I mentioned this in your previous post.

    Btw, KS, thank you for the extra tips on photographing sunsets. They will come in handy for me, and for my readers too, I am sure.

  5. neo
    I prefer BK's Whopper (Jr) to whatever in McD, haha...

    I haven't got similar experience as yours. But BK's service seems to be getting slower :-(

  6. Is there Subway in KL?

  7. KFC is also picking up on this...
    not only u get to see them attached to a petrol station, they also serve bfast now !!!

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  9. As much I hate McDonalds, I am a great fan of their french fries.

    Shh... don't tell anyone.

  10. I like Burger King more, perhaps due to getting bored of McD? LOL.

    I'd rather take spicy food than fast food sometimes. How bad is spicy food to health?

  11. jam
    Yes, Subway is present in KL, but it is not as popular as McD, BK and KFC yet.

    You are absolutely right. But for lunch, I can't wait...

    I think Singapore still hasn't got In-n-Out Burger yet. I tasted its fries in the U.S. and absolutely like them.

    Spicy food is tasty. Not doubt about it. But I can't take too much spicy food.

  12. I also prefer Burger King's Whopper to McD's Big Mac. But McD is very good with their desserts which no other fast food in Malaysia can beat.Also McD's french fries is No.1 ! But Carl Jr's burger is much better though more expensive. Subway is not too bad, I think slightly more healthier option than all the rest! But McD is very creative in terms of introducing new food items from time to time - that's how they manage to make customers keep coming back again and again!

  13. foongpc
    Thanks for dropping by...

    A few years back, an American lost weight by eating Subway sandwiches, and the fast food chain made big news of it, haha... But I am a skinny person so I don't care.

  14. nvr been to burgerking since there's no outlet here in my place...

  15. kyh
    Not a single Burger King in Penang!??

  16. I'm not sure bout Penang... probably yes, but what I mean is my home town. :P

  17. kyh
    I see... I believe Penang has a few BK outlets.

  18. wow didnt know that spicy food was bad. ive heard ppl saying it was good for health esp with all the spices & all.

  19. quachee
    That' for dropping by. I know Koreans will tell you that kimchi is good for health, but I don't trust these ultra-nationalist people.