Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Web Design 101

If you are an observant surfer, you probably have noticed that my blog page has a minimalist design – white background, no ads, no chat box…

A blog that I visited had a couple of graphical ads by Advertlets plus about a dozen widgets such as ‘shoutbox’, MyBlogLog and ‘Life traffic feed’. The page took forever to load, and the CPU usage of my computer shot up to 100%.

They ‘add-ons’ have another drawback – they distracts readers from the main contents, which are the posts. Of course, this is not to say that they are useless, but we must try to strike a balance. Why, do you think, is Google’s page so simple?

Web design 101:

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!


  1. no wonder lately my pc keep running out of memory... argh!!!!

  2. 迷迭香
    I notice that more and more blogs have advertlets. Everybody wants to make money ($_$)

  3. I hope you don't mean my blog. :)

  4. neo
    I am not referring to your blog, but don't add too many widgets.

  5. It's a matter of choice. No one method is perfect. KISS may mean too simple (and boring?) for some. No?

  6. Hi KS,
    I'm with ya on KISS.

    Consciously make it a point to use pictures with smaller file size.

    Never like websites that turn out to be full-page advertisement and too commercialised.

    But still, a little Nuffnang ad won't hurt, right?


  7. Yeah send me a kis too.. Keep it simple...

  8. happysurfer
    I think there should be a balance. Not too much, but also not insufficient.

    Yeah a little Nuffnang won't hurt, but I would suggest that we don't place them right inside a post. Heck, I have mistaken an ad for picture uploaded by the blogger.

    Kis is not good enough la... I send you a KISS.

  9. ahahahha alot of ppl LOVES to add TONNES of things! damn annoying! most annoying is music without any STOP button! i usually just close them cos the music distracts MY music! hahaha

    i used to have alot of stuffs..then my friend copied..n she put more in what she found...hahahahh sorry childish wana copy me..luckily i removed most of it edi..though still got alot! ;)

  10. huei
    I usually mute my PC speaker, so I won't hear anything, haha...

  11. so heavy usage, have to plan for a new processor already ;)

  12. icalvyn
    My PC is still quite 'new' wor... I plan to use it for another 2 years.