Friday, May 29, 2009

Unexpected Meeting with Green Packet’s CEO

On May 26, 2009, I got an unexpected e-mail, inviting me to meet up with CC Puan, CEO of Green Packet.

For those who do not know, Green Packet is the parent company of Packet One (P1), Malaysia’s first WiMAX service provider. (WiMAX is a wireless broadband Internet technology.) The CEO wanted to have an open, informal discussion with the bloggers. The invitation surprised me as I do not usually blog about technology. Anyway, since Mr Puan wished to ‘engage with the new media’, I am doing him a favor.

Puan was very ambitious. He wanted his WiMAX network to beat the nation’s ADSL service in terms of subscribers by the end of this year. His optimism was based on the fact that Malaysian market had been underserved. According to certain sources, there was only one broadband user to every five personal computers in Malaysia.

Puan also mentioned that Intel would roll out WiMAX chipset soon. PC equipped with WiMAX chipset would be available early next year, and P1 would be the ‘default service provider’ for Malaysia. Intel, by the way, has invested in Green Packet.

I have no doubt that WiMAX-ready PC would be a big boost for P1, as we no longer need additional device such as USB modem to go online. However, I am skeptical of the claim that P1 would be the ‘default service provider’. Firstly, while Intel makes the chipset, computers are made by other companies. Secondly, if Intel practices ‘favoritism’, it would alienate other WiMAX operators. Would the chip giant do so?

In any case, P1 has provided the much-needed competition to the other Internet service providers (ISP). Consumers would be the ultimate winners.

CC Puan is the smiling guy on the left. He had H0N1 flu on that day so he did not drink beer.


  1. I subscribed P1 last Oct. The condition was good for 1st month, there after it was like hell..not only that..after much of complaints of no network connection at home.. last week P1 called to say actually my area is not under coverage.. DAMN!!

    Well,it is good for P1 to be so enthusiastic..just to make sure is promising.. :)

  2. HoN1 flu?

    Anyway, your blog has alot of readership, so it make sense to invite ya. Give yourself a pat on the back.

  3. 彬天雪谛
    You have been cheated by the salespersons. But no worry. P1 is very aggressive. Very soon your area will be covered.

    Yeah, definitely give myself a pat, LOL...

  4. Yeah, I also notice they are very very ambitious. Trying to get 35% BB penetration by which year. Hope they can still bite what they chew.

  5. wow.. u become famous blogger liao.. :p

  6. JL
    I was told that P1 aims to sign up 250,000 subscribers by the end of this year. They had 35,000 in March.

    Hopefully DiGi and Maxis will call me up too, LOL...

  7. hmmmm my sis is one of the users too! its faster than streamyx according to her.

    p/s: fuiyohhh u r famous! even the big boss also wanted to meet u!

  8. I have a test unit of P1 WiMAX, but the coverage is not good at all, that's the main problem. They need to really work on covering more major areas before they can even think about beating other providers.

  9. you should tell him that there's a need of wimax coverage at usm main campus on penang island. i'm considering of subscribing to the service, but alas, usm is not included in the area of coverage. sigh...

  10. xin
    I'm just a part-time journalist lah, haha...

    My place here, the speed is inconsistent. So both coverage and service quality need to be improved.

    I told him I wanted Perak covered :P

  11. I wish Malaysia will have broadband service above 4MB/s soon. The existing service is not fast enough for video or for wireless services they lack in areas of coverage.

    Nice and informative blog.

  12. Grass
    P1's Wiggy modem is claimed to be able to do 10MB/s. Of course, actually speed depends on many factors and the advertised speed may not be obtainable.

  13. While waiting for P1 to improve in its coverage, I'll stick to Streamyx for the time being.

  14. 1 year to over take streamyx?

    I dreamed a dream~~~

  15. foongpc
    Hope Streamyx will take the challenge seriously, and improve its service.

    Calvin Foo
    Not realistic? Anyway, hope they will try harder.

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