Monday, May 24, 2010

Addicted to Cell Phone

Some people just couldn’t live without cell phone…

I was flying back from Sabah to Kuala Lumpur in the evening of May 23, 2010. Immediately after the plane touched down – but was still decelerating on the runway – another passenger had already switched on his/her mobile phone. (I do not know whether it was a he or a she, but I heard the tone of the phone.)

C’mon, the lives of over 200 passengers and crew are in your hand. Can you please be more considerate?


  1. I've actually heard of people leaving their hp on the WHOLE flight, even while still in the air! That's even worse.. Those are really selfish morons.

  2. Turn on after touch down is not as bad as those leaving it on in the air.....

  3. They should fine those people who flout the rules. It's not like calls or messages cannot wait.

  4. I had a similar experience after the plane touchdown to Singapore on my return from Taiwan.

    I guess these people were too looking forwrad to their family members.

    Don't like such people too, they tend to believe that "accidents can happen to any plane except for the planes they are in".

  5. 现代的人身不离机,哪一天忘了带手机出门,连魂都失了七分!

  6. Witch
    Perhaps their phones were on Flight Mode. Still, mobile phones should be switched off during take-off and landing.

    That may be true, but do you want to take risk?

    Mei Teng
    Some people just cannot wait a few more minutes.

    Agree with you regarding what those people think.

    Haha... actually I also don't feel easy if I leave my phone at home.
    But those people in the plane are different. They have the phones. Just that they should wait a few more minutes...

  7. hehe, i always switched off my phone :-) but then eager to switch back on once landed :D

  8. i always switched off my hp completely until i reached the place safely.

  9. Honestly, I'm pretty sure the cell phone ban is obsolete now because the plane's electronics are much better now. I think I read that somewhere.

    Anyway, I do find it weird that some people just can't stand offline and unconnected to the world.

  10. some ppl are just so inconsiderate =(

  11. yeah i have also encountered people who never bothered to turn off their cell phones at all. morons!

  12. I think it's more the ignorance than the selfishness. Case in point, many people are still not aware that using a hp is unsafe at petrol stations esp when one is filling up gas. I've seen people using/answering their phone and it gave me the creeps everytime..

  13. We should take this people and throw him or her into a jail! :/

  14. saucer
    Wait until the plane stops.

    I do this also.

    There are still many older planes around.

    Yeah, yeah...

    Definitely quite a few of them.

    I also never turn off the cell phone at gas station. But I don't make call there.

    At least a fine!

  15. I also can't live without my hand phone, or more specifically my iPhone! Haha!

    But I am very considerate and will not switch on my iPhone until I am inside the airport terminal! What's wrong waiting for a few more minutes right? : )