Thursday, July 01, 2010

Beauty and the Beach

I was at a beach in Tanjung Tuan, near Port Dickson. The beach was rather secluded, and it required quite a bit of walking, uphill and downhill, to get there. By the time I reach there, my legs were shaky.

My effort paid off, as I discovered the beach to be quite nice, with sand and rocks. The water was also quite clear. I took out my camera and immediately pressed the shutter…

But wait a minute; I didn’t go there to take landscape photos! I was there to join a model shooting event. This time, our model was Maria Eriksson, from London.

I was thinking that if this were the United States, this secluded beach could potentially be a haven for nudists. But this was Malaysia, a conservative nation. The model would stick to her bikinis. And here are some shots of the sexy model:

This is a picture I personally find interesting. It has sand, sea and sky. But the downside is: the background could have stolen our attention from the model. Is that good or bad?

The model posed in the water, and I shot in the water too…

Model lying on the beach…

More pictures on my Flickr page.


  1. I thing the last picture is the most beautiful. Nice blend of human and nature. :D

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, I don't a picture of the lighthouse and the cliff together, 'cos if I did, I won't be here anymore to post pictures. I do have a pic of the cliff.

  3. wow! the second pic. i totally cannot concentrate on the view of the beach at all. LOL

  4. LOL at xin's comment! Love the last pic... Sexy model indeed!

  5. "the background could have stolen our attention from the model"

    errr, no woh, i still see that model being the focus of the photo woh.. she steals the attention from the background instead lor~~

  6. "The model posed in the water, and I shot in the water too…"

    ooopsss, what did you shot?? :D

  7. photo #2 and #3 same person ah?? so big difference one~~ ;p

  8. tekkaus
    Thanks :)

    Thanks for dropping by?

    xin, witch
    Her figure is really great.

    #2 - my camera was above water.
    Yes, it's the same model in all pics.

  9. So bad [sk]. Wakaka

    The model so hot!!!
    I think it will be more beautiful if the pic take at east coast beach some where at Terengganu or Kelantan.

  10. Man, you are one popular guys, you always get nice models :-D

  11. sinji
    East Coast is too far.

    This was a paid event.

  12. Wow! The model is one sexy gal indeed! You must have enjoyed photographing her. Did you manage to concentrate while taking the 2nd photo? LOL!!

  13. how the model change her cloths?

    nude in the beach too

  14. 富升
    We turned our heads to the other side. There were no other people around.