Friday, November 12, 2010

Java Trip (IV)

Yoschi Hotel

Cemoro Lawang (sometimes written as Cemara Lawang) was the last settlement before Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, the highlight of my Java trip. Many tourists spent the night here. Unfortunately, hotels in Cemoro Lawang were a bit pricey. As a traveler on a shoestring, I always tried to be kiamsiap (stingy). After doing research on the Web, I decided to book a room in Yoschi Hotel, a few km down the hill at Ngadisari.

Yoschi Hotel offered four types of accommodation: Economy Room, Standard Room, Deluxe Cottage and Family Cottage. I chose an Economy Room, at 104,000 Rp per night. The room did not have attached bathroom, but I could use the hot shower in the garden.

It is worth noting that October was considered low season in Yoschi, but high season in Cemoro Lawang’s hotels.

Here are some pictures of Yoschi Hotel:

My dinner in the hotel – Steak with asparagus:

Now, the verdict…


Price is very competitive; atmosphere is great; its restaurant serves good food; the staff are also very helpful.


The location isn’t the most convenient: you can’t see Mt Bromo from Ngadisari; there were no wartel (shop for making long distance calls) nearby, and warnet (Internet shop) was 3km down the hill at Sukapura.

Useful information:

Yoschi’s webpage


tel: +62-813 3636 5438, +62-857 4988 0299

On the business side:

Yoschi’s rooms were relatively cheap, but it made money from side businesses, e.g. restaurant. Jackets were available for rental at 25,000 Rp each, and I bought a winter hat for 10,000 Rp.


  1. I learned new words from your post..hehe wartel and warnet. Do they have warungs?

  2. Haha Yes! I also learn new words wartel and warnet! Didn't know such words exist! : D

  3. i was gonna stay in this hotel.. but you're rite, it was quite far from bromo. and our schedule was packed. so we stayed at cemoro lawang instead.

    looks great though. :)

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  5. Hot shower in the garden sounds interesting. Would there be a queue during bath-time? Is it under the sky too I mean roofless?

    A winter hat under RM4 is a good buy, you think?

    The top two images look kinda dark. Or is it just me?

    Yoschi sounds Japanese. Looking forward to pictures of Mount Bromo since your trip was to go there, right?

  6. Mei Teng
    Wartel is warung telefon, and warnet is warung internet.

    Next time you don't need to bring your iPhone to Bali. Just ask for warnet.

    This hotel charged much lower rate.

    No queuing during bath-time, and not under the sky.
    Regarding the first two image: when the background is bright, the foreground will be dark.
    Yoshi is Japanese; Yoschi is not.

  7. What a nice info! Your photos are so interesting too esp the room. I love the charms of Indonesia and Java would be in my list now...

  8. but the surrounding of that hotel is nice, albeit the room is a little to run-down from the photo..

  9. hmmm, steak with asparagus?? how come i don't see any asparagus but only loads of potatos?? :p

  10. by the way, how much is the rupiah rate now??

  11. The scenery is beautiful here. If can bear with some inconvenience, it looks like a great place to stay.

  12. twilight
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Regarding my dinner: the smaller pieces are asparagus; the bigger ones are potato.
    I bought 1 million Rupiah for RM353.

    Autumn Belle
    As I said, there are pros and cons.

  13. The hotel looks really rustic and close to nature.. And steak looks good too! :)

  14. Warnet? What a strange word! War+net?!

    The place looks nice regardless. Although I see your point, location is everything...

  15. witch
    My food photo is just so so, haha...

    Warnet = warung + net

    Warung is the Indonesian word for stall.