Monday, November 15, 2010

Java Trip (V)

Bromo Sunrise Tour

On the second day of my Java trip, I woke up at 5am. Some readers of this blog were exclaiming, “Oh, that’s so early!” Well, I had to wake up at 3am on the following day for the Bromo Sunrise Tour.

By 3.30am, I was at the front desk. A jeep came to pick up the participants. There were four of us. We proceeded to Cemoro Lawang, where two more tourists joined the group. We were then driven to the top of Mount Penanjakan. At 2,770m, Mt Penanjakan provided the best viewpoint for Mt Bromo (2,329m) and its surrounding landscape.

Before my flight to Java, I already learned that temperature on Mt Penanjakan could drop to 5C in the morning. I was well prepared by wearing 4 layers of clothing, including a jacket rented from Yoschi Hotel. Beneath my jeans was a pair of thermal undergarment. I also wore a winter hat which I bought the day earlier. But it turned out that the temperature wasn’t as cold as I thought. Maybe it was especially warm on that day; maybe it was because of the crowd…

I will let my pictures do the talking…

Shops on Mt Penanjakan:

Before sunrise:

(near to far) Mt Batok, Mt Bromo (belching smoke), Mt Semeru:

This place was full of people 30 minutes earlier. When I took this picture the crowd had dispersed:


  1. Nice rite! It was soooooooooooooooo cold when I was there. Brrrrrrrrrrr... but prob because I didn't wear gloves and the winter hat!

    Bromo was definitely a spectacular sight. One of those places-you-must-see-before-you-die. :D

  2. Temperature dropping to 5 degrees is terribly cold! That's the problem of having to brave the cold in order to watch sunrise up in the mountains. Same thing for me when I visited Mount Sinai in Egypt. The cold was horrendous!

  3. wow, stunning!! magnificent view!! the clouds and the mountains seems so near from you..

  4. but then the photo before sunrise seems a little bright already??

  5. and no photo of the sunrise?? did you actually see the sunrise?? or the weather didn't allow you to see the sunrise??

  6. Nice view... Which part of java?

  7. wow..nice series of photos!

  8. Okay, the scenery was well worth it. But 3 am? I simply don't sleep if I must get up that early! :-D

  9. the purple color picture!!!! ^O^
    do u still have it in full size ? can email to me please ? want to use as wallpaper can ? =)

  10. That purple hue is awesome! I like the last picture best. It's postcard-perfect. Great shot! But no shot of the sunrise? I think high elevation at that hour would be terribly cold anywhere.

  11. Such a nice view with lots of different hues during sunrise! But again, 3.30am?? It's madness!! I think I'd rather sleep.. LOL!

  12. kyh
    I think the hat made a lot of difference.

    Mei Teng
    Fortunately I was well prepared that day.

    The photo before sunrise - maybe I set the exposure too high.
    The sun was on the left side, so couldn't capture it in the picture.

  13. TZ
    East Java.

    The view was great.

    I went to bed at 9.30pm :P

  14. 迷迭香
    I don't have your e-mail address!

    The sun was on the left, out of the frame.

    The magnificent view is worth the effort to wake up early.

  15. I don't think I want to join your tour group. I can't wake up so early.

    But you are theearly bird that catches the worm and you had great fun.

    Most beaches have sand and grass, Some beaches get erided, so the plants hold the sand,

  16. That is really cold! But it is really worth it because the scenery is indeed awesome. Looks like heaven when you are standing on Top of The World.

  17. u can see the fluffy clouds amidst the mountain so clearly!

  18. Ann
    Thanks for your explanation :)

    Autumn Belle
    5C is nothing compared to winter in Canada.

    This are not clouds, but smoke from the volcano!

  19. Wow! That's so cold!!

    The view is stunning!! Love the last 3 photos!!

  20. KS, I like your post and photos, thus am linking your post to mine on Mount Bromo eruption .