Thursday, November 18, 2010

Java Trip (VI)

Up Close with Mt Bromo

After viewing Mt Bromo and the surrounding landscape from the top of Mt Penanjakan, we rode the jeep downhill at around 6am. The second half of the tour – scaling the volcano.

But first we had to cross the Lautan Pasir, or Sand Ocean. Tourists who did not want to walk on foot could get a horse ride, at a fee. Near the foot of the volcanic cone, there was a stairway to the rim of the crater. Lonely Planet said the stairway had 253 steps, but other sources gave 246, 248, or 250. Horses would stop here, so tourists must rely on themselves for the final part of the journey.

There was a Hindu temple on the Sand Ocean. It is worth noting that natives of the area were mostly Hindus.

Again I will let my photos do the talking…

This is the jeep I rode for my Bromo tour:

Stone markers show the way to Mt Bromo:

Horse ride on Lautan Pasir:

Advancing to Mt Bromo:

Hindu temple:

Stairway to the summit:

Fumes from the crater:


  1. Cool looking jeep. I have never ventured up close to a volcanic crater. Must be an awesome sight.

  2. The view from Bromo's summit was very very spectacular. The landscape was very awe-inspiring, like those you see from Mt Sinai or Grand Canyon. :)

  3. why is that called a Lautan Pasir?? it's not a desert right?? but ashes form the volcano??

  4. so did you count the number of steps you took up the stairway?? give it a confirmed number, haha..

  5. why do they need to stone markers on the sand to Mt Bromo?? i thot the volcano is just right in front??

  6. Awesome landscape. Looks tranquil, something like the plains in Tibet (from pictures I've seen). The staircase looks interesting and neat. Why the divider in the center, I wonder. Thanks for sharing, KS.

  7. whooaaa looks like desert! i dnt think i will go for this kind of adventure! :p

  8. Mei Teng
    Yes, the whole area is awesome.

    Are you talking to Mei Teng?

    I believe the Sand Ocean is formed by ash from the volcano.
    No, I didn't count the numbers of steps. I was exhausted.
    There is actually another volcano nearby. The stone markers will guide you to the right one.

  9. Happysurfer
    I guess the divider was used to separate visitors who go up from those who come down.

    No worry, the Sand Ocean is actually very small.

  10. no am talking to you! LOL

  11. although this is not my type of adventure but the photos looks pretty cool.. oh well, it is always fun to see another country and experience what they have in store.. :)

  12. Wah incredible, especially the last picture So close to the crater! Was it hot?

  13. The stairways look so so steep, or is it the angle you shot the pics?

    Pss... next time bring some eggs up and cook.

  14. kyh

    Thanks for dropping by :)

    The crater was warmer than the surrounding, but we were on a highland.

    The stairway was indeed steep.

  15. My only most closest active volcano I have been was Mt Aso in Japan. A long climb up the summit oh you did not count the number of steps haha. Thanks for the pix whoa likey the rugged jeep..tQ

  16. A very beautiful place, great for some adventure.

  17. Wow!! Nice!! I want to go visit the volcano crater!! So did you walk or ride the horse?

  18. Wow! Pretty amazing scenery, once again. You did a really cool trip!

    I'm not a car person but I would have loved riding in the jeep for the experience ;-)

  19. bananaz
    I didn't bother to count the steps.

    Autumn Belle
    Not so much of adventure.

    I rode horse for a short distance. I was trying to conserve energy for Kawah Ijen tour.

    Yes, it was indeed a cool trip.