Sunday, April 06, 2008

Eco Bag

I have been pondering for weeks whether to buy an eco bag – the environmental-friendly thing that is suppose to replace the plastic bags. There are a few reasons which explain my slow reaction:

Firstly, eco bags are not cheap.

Secondly, it “doesn’t feel right” to bring an empty eco bag, especially if you are a guy.

Finally, if I use an eco bag when I go for shopping, I will be stopped by the security guards on my way out. You know, we don't like to be treated like thieves.

A couple of days ago, I bought some books in Kinokuniya. I was carrying a backpack then, so I told the cashier that I didn’t need a plastic bag. At the exit, I showed the receipt to the guard. The guard checked the price of the books, one by one, before letting me go.

If we want to dispense with plastic bags, I think the businesses should come out with some foldable eco bags that can be kept in lady’s handbags or my backpack when not in use.

Perhaps the most practical approach – though not the greenest one – is to use bio-degradable plastic bags. Consumers want convenience, and bio-degradable bags will give them just that. Plus, the security guards are less likely to stop us.


  1. I somehow have to agree with you, especially the checking from the guard. Perhaps the eco bag should be transparent, so its easy for checking!

  2. I think Jusco are using biodegradable plastic bags now. So you can't keep them long. I tried once - kept my pants in it and put in my wardrobe. And few months later shreds of the plastic bag are all that were left. >.<

  3. Malaysia is quite slow in this... when i was in Canada a decade ago, they already started to use this eco-bag. I personally thinks that eco-bag is good for the environment.

    Let's start using the eco-bag...

  4. kai
    I haven't come across any transparent eco bag...

    I went to Jusco 1 Utama yesterday. Its grocery department still used traditional plastic bags.

    Wow... Canada is so far ahead...

  5. "i'm not a plastic bag" is the bag that causes accidents in many cities... with that kinda of demand and impact is it still environmentally friendly ?

  6. I haven't seen an eco bag in my place yet. Normally I go to the town with a sling bag. I will be willingly to be checked by security guards if necessary.

  7. 迷迭香
    What accidents!?? Can you explain?

    Have you been to Carrefour? They will wrap your sling bag up with plastic to make sure you can't steal.

  8. I wont purposely buy a ego bag la.. but I will bring my clothes bags to go. I have a lot of clothes bags..

  9. keeyit
    I sometimes use my backpack also, but it isn't very big...

  10. got ar.. jusco got those eco-bag that is foldable.. i always put in my bag but always forget to get it out to use.. kakaka.. *silly me

    thanks for visiting my blog..

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  12. janice
    Thanks for your info. May go to check out...

  13. oh, u were not aware of that...

    apparently this bag is available in limited quantity so every outlet only have certain number of this bag to be sold on a particular day. in Taiwan on the selling day there were too many ppl fighting to buy this bag that the glass door is smashed... and this is not the only case ~

  14. Unfortunately or perhaps rather fortunately, we dun have a carrefour here.

  15. I have an ecobag in the bag I carry to work.

    Even without ecobags, there are still ways to avoid getting more plastic bags.

    The bakeries in Singapore like to put your bread in individual transparent bags, and then put them all in another plastic bag with a handle. Wasteful.

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  17. jam
    No Carrefour, maybe good for mom-and-pop stores.

    Yeah, you are right. Eco bag is not the only way...

  18. hahaha do they stop ppl in other countries? i think it's a tough choice oso la..u try to save the earth..but ppl r afraid of people stealing so they have to check ur bags

    but's nice to save the environment! =)

  19. huei
    I also would like to know how people do it in other countries. So far no idea...

  20. Well, I haven't buy any eco bag yet.

    Think I will just re-use those plastic bags i kept from groceries shopping..

    As a start to go green. :)

  21. noel
    If I don't use these special bags, I worry they security will think I am a thief...