Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Songkran in Malaysia

Songkran, which falls on April 13-15 every year, is Thailand’s New Year. In the past, perfumed water was sprinkled on family members and friends as a form of blessing. Today, this religious ritual has evolved into a water throwing frenzy.

Songkran is also celebrated in Wat Chetawan, a Thai temple in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. On April 13, 2008, I went there to experience this festival. Since my camera was not water-proof, I had to take pictures from afar.

Nonetheless, I still got wet as someone poured water over my back. Fortunately, my camera was safe. I reminded myself with the Thai spirit of mai pen rai – it doesn’t matter!

Wet warriors with water guns…

The battleground…

The big one…


  1. interesting ~
    some of my frens planned their holiday around this time to visit Thailand just to experience this ^_^

  2. 在哪里哦~很像很过瘾酱~

  3. Caught in the heavy rain today.. forgot bring umbrella..

    Feel very Songkran too.


  4. Never thought Malaysia would have a mini version of it. ^_^

    Where are the pics of water drenched babes?

    Oops. =X

  5. 迷迭香
    From what I know, Thais also travel at this time, so transportation can be a problem.

    Well, unless they join package tour in which everything is taken care for...

    It's in PJ, Selangor.

    It sounds like you can have Songkran year round, LOL...

    Unfortunately I had to take pictures from afar, so no pics of water drenched babes :-(

  6. I dun know there is a thai temple in kl. Do we have big population of Thai in KL?

  7. BTW, I saw my name at your left sidebar, but the link address is pointing to another blog. Or is that author sharing the same name as me? Mai Pen Rai, hehe...

  8. jam
    The are some Thais in Klang Valley, but many devotees of the temple are actually Chinese. I think Burmese also go there.

    Link corrected.

  9. At least water beats tomatoes! I have to remember to avoid the place that time of the year. lol
    Useful info. Thanks.

  10. no wonder that days i passby the thai temple, saw a lot people was wet there...

  11. Initial i planned to visit Thailand during this time... but with all the splashing on the street, i changed my mind to visit later :->

  12. happysurfer
    Tomato!?? That's scary...

    Maybe next year you can get wet there also la...

    I think transportation is bad in Thailand during Songkran, as Thais travel too.