Saturday, April 12, 2008

Food Crisis

Freak weather, rising oil price, use of biofuel as replacement for oil, growing consumer demand in China and India. These are the factors which contribute to soaring food price.

According to United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), food price worldwide rose 23% from 2006 to 2007. Grains went up 42%, oils 50% and dairy 80%. A food crisis is looming!

My plea to Americans and Vatican:

(This is a joke…)

Dear Americans,

As a short-term solution, please take up Atkins Diet and consume less grain. You can save the world. At the same time, you will slim down.

(Now this is serious…)

Dear Pope,

As a long-term solution, please lift the ban on contraception. The world population bomb is ticking and we are running out of food. Not to mention that condom reduces the risk of HIV infection.


  1. let's not forget the natural disasters which damaged the crops....

  2. 大家一起来响应健康节食运动,强身又健体,或许会对食物短缺困境有所帮助,一石二鸟,何乐而不为呢!

  3. 迷迭香
    You are right. Natural disaster in another factor.

    Actually, this is what I have been thinking. When I am having retreat in monastery, I eat two meals, or even one meal a day. Outside monastery it is tough, though. Temptation is too great >_<

  4. We truly are in dire straits. Produce is getting scarce resulting in escalating prices.

    Concidentally, my post today is also about food - superfoods.

    I wonder if the Pope reads blogs.

    Happy weekend!

  5. happysurfer
    Catholics should explain to Vatican the importance of contraception.

  6. Contraception or no sex.

    Both works, though the latter will probably draw a bigger protest.

  7. And close down and stop giving out license to all the Mamak stalls (juz joking). Oh hell, I hope this will never happen!

  8. shingo
    Some Fundamentalist church in U.S. advocate abstinence (no sex before marriage) but their motive is not about birth control.

    Mamak stalls can still open, but probably can't sell rice-based food. You can still eat roti canai or mee goreng.

  9. The first time I saw a photo like this, I'm really sad.
    But when times pass by, it just photos...
    I think the same will go for food crisis if it didn't really happened to most of us.

  10. kai
    We won't escape from food crisis this time. The food prices have risen, and will go up further.