Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chin Swee Temple

Genting Highlands is a famous hill resort in Malaysia. It also has the only casino in this country. I made a day trip to Genting recently, not to gamble but to take pictures. One of my stops was Chin Swee Temple (清水寺).

This is the main shrine hall of the temple, which houses the deity of Chin Swee. The deity is said to be able to grant you wishes…

There is a pond next to the shrine, where one finds lots of tortoises. Tortoise is the symbol of longevity among Chinese…


Chin Swee Temple has been expanded. Here is a newer shrine hall and a pagoda…

There is a statue of Buddha too…

And finally, this is the statue of Lim Goh Tong (林梧桐), the late founder of Genting and a visionary entrepreneur. Is he being deified too?


  1. I like the photo of the tortoise. They are so close, intimate and united...

  2. I didn't know about this! There is such temple? Then I really gotta check it out. The tortoises are cute! :D

  3. Grass
    Symbol of family values???

    The temple is near the peak.

  4. I agree with you...looks like uncle lim's been deified.

  5. 就是因为怕香客的水都被清完所以才不叫"清水寺"的啊 ~ :P

  6. 我去云顶那么多次,都没去过这件寺庙。

  7. I'm going up to Genting this Friday.

    Looks like its time for me to make a trip to Lim Goh Tong's statue and pray - wonder if he will give me his blessings to win some cash at his casino. =p

  8. Mei Ting
    So maybe in future we'll see people bow down to Uncle Lim...

    I didn't gamble so no problem ^^


  9. you sure you didn't go to the casino?? hmmm, should have gone in to take back your trip expenses from them, hahaha!!

  10. Personally, I feel a trip to Gentings is not complete without stepping into the casino even if one doesn't place bets or exercise those fingers at the slots. LOL!

    My, so much improvement done to the temple grounds. The Buddha statue is very nice. Time for me to pay a visit. Btw, I don't know how far this is true - probably just superstition. I was told that if you intend to gamble in the casino, don't go to the temple before that. Don't take my word for it, of course. It's probably made up by someone who lost after going to the temple before he went to the casino.

    So there is a memorial for Uncle Lim. I believe they or rather he has already designated a plot of burial land for him and his family midway. It overlooks a fantastic view. I remember stopping by one time to take in the view, that was long before he passed away. I've also seen him and his entourage checking out the terrain.

    Thanks for sharing the photos, KS. The shrine and pagoda shot is very Chinese, just like what you'd see in Beijing? Great shot!

  11. I born in Malaysia, Stay in Malaysia, Go genting in holiday
    but never go there before oh...
    must find one day and go to visit

  12. SK
    My expenses were minimal since this was a day trip ^^

    I gather that the deity will bless Genting before the rest of us, haha...

    Apparently most people go to Genting for casino, theme parks and cool weather rather than temple.

  13. I feel the late Tan Sri wanted the temple to be built there, he was very traditional in his beliefs I'm sure :D

  14. i think this is da one on da way up hill huh...
    we never ever step foot in tho =.=
    next time have to go in and pray for popi :D

  15. uncle lim is definitely a person whom we should look up to. i have been to tht place last year and i think it is a great place for taking pics.

  16. JL
    I think the original temple was built out of devotion. But the extension was probably built for making money.

    Yeah, the deity will fulfill your wishes ;)

    Do you mean the memorial? Maybe I'll go there next time.

  17. The casino is already highly-fengshuied and well-'guarded'.