Friday, July 24, 2009

Playing with Canon Picture Styles

Many digital photographers edit their photos on computer. One of the most popular photo-editing software is Photoshop. Photoshop is very powerful but also very difficult to master. In the last one and a half year, I have often resorted to a simpler way – by applying Picture Styles specifically for Canon cameras. (Nikon has something equivalent called Picture Control.)

Picture Styles supplied by Canon include Standard, Landscape, Portrait and Faithful, among others. Each of them alters an image in certain way with a single click. Many Canon users have also created their own Picture Styles.

I recently requested a Picture Style created by Taiwanese photographer Kevin Wang, who names it 和風, or Yawato Style. (Yawato refers to the Japanese.) I am now experimenting with it…

This is a picture taken last year. The lovely model is Maria, an Indonesian girl who studied in Malaysia. It was shot with Standard Picture Style…

Standard Picture Style

Now, I apply Portrait Picture Style. As you can see, the subject’s complexion has changed and become more radiant…

Portrait Picture Style

Next, I apply Kevin Wang’s Picture Style. Saturation is lowered, but the picture doesn’t look dull…

Kevin Wang's Picture Style

Which one, do you think, is the best?


  1. i like the Portrait Picture Style, i don't like the last one..

    i using picasa edit my photos.

  2. I am so clueless about photoshop. I have never tried it before. Perhaps I'm intimidated by it? Haha :D

  3. Photoshop's expensive too. There's another free photo editing software called Gimp but I have yet to experiment with it.

    I am using Canon's DPP software (digital photo professional) and a little bit of Picasa. I don't like spending too much time tweaking photos so I am just sticking to these two.

    I like the 2nd photo although it can use a little fill flash on her face to light it up.

    She posed for you?

  4. i prefer the one in the middle ^_^

  5. kikey, 迷迭香
    Haha... looks like most people are not used to the pictures with low saturation.

    There are other software, such as Picasa and Photoscape.

    If you wish to learn Photoshop, Scott Kelby's books are good for beginners.

    Mei Ting
    It sounds like you don't use pirated software. I salute you!

    I tried Gimp a few years ago. The problem was: we learn from pros, but few pros use Gimp. So eventually I gave up.

    Regarding the photo... studio lighting was used. The lights were above the model, so the left side of her face was in the shade. Perhaps I can do something in computer...

    We were in a workshop. I paid for her to pose for me.

  6. You're right. I don't believe in using pirated software. I would rather not use if I can't or don't want to dish out the money to pay for the original. Canon's DPP and picasa serves me well so not considering photoshop at the moment. But I am keen to experiment with HDR in the future. My only reservation is I find HDR can be overdone and looks fake.

  7. only like the portrait style. the last one looks washed out, no contrast between skin color and dress.

  8. I like my style.. wahaha... :)

  9. The skin tone looks good on Kevin Wang's Picture Style. It'd be better if the print on the dress is not lightened. I'm quite intrigued by the patch on the shoulder and collar-bone. Interesting bone structure..

    Just curious. What's the going rate for a modelling job like this one? How much did you have to pay for her to model for you?

  10. The model is so attractive/sexy.

    I like all but find that the middle one seems best. The girl is like 30% drunk, whereas the 1st one is 60% drunk and the last one is not drunk at all.

    I seem to appreciate the model more than the photo, haha.

  11. 我不能做决定。。因为我流鼻血了。。。哈哈。。

  12. Mei Ting
    You may want to try Photoscape. It's another free software.

    OK, looks like most preferred the 2nd pic.

    OK, show us yours!

    Ha... You're the 1st to say the 3rd pic looks good.

    I paid for the organizer of the event. Not sure how much the organizer paid to the models.

    Oh boy... how can you relate them to drunkenness???


  13. I guess the one looking at the model is drunken instead, haha

  14. I like the middle de...The colour better than other...

  15. I like the first one, seems more natural to me.

    But heck, all the 3 photos looks mouth-watering. =p

  16. da 2nd one looks better...
    da software only for huge ass canggih cameras ar?

  17. Grass
    Correct, the one looking at the gorgeous model are drunk ;)

    OK, another one voting for the 2nd pic.

    Yes, the 1st one is more natural.

    The picture styles only work on Canon RAW files. This essentially means they apply only to high end Canon cameras. However, low end cameras have alternatives - 'scene modes'.

  18. Pai seh, my style is no style la... haha, I don't edit my photos that much. Just levels, sharpen, and burn a bit perhaps - in Photoshop.

  19. Neo
    I don't burn. So you actually do more post-processing than me.

  20. I'm a Photoshop person, although I'm not an advanced user. I mostly use it for basic picture retouching (balance, levels etc.) and graphic design for my blog. The software is not that complicated... until you want to be really advanced!

    I personally like the last picture best ;)

  21. Zhu
    I also use Photoshop for some basic adjustment, but still find my pictures not good enough. That's why I have combined Photoshop with Picture Styles.

  22. Hey there~

    Nice!! I love the picture styles especially Kevin Wang's Picture styles, been looking around to see if anyone has his picture styles~ =)

    Is it okay if I asked you to send it to me?? =)

    my email:

    ps: do you have anymore of his picture styles??

    Thank you very much!!! =)

  23. TeeJ
    Please request directly from Kevin Wang.

  24. they are paywares :((