Sunday, July 05, 2009

Down the Memory Lane (2)

Part 1 is here. All photos were shot with film camera.

This is me at the Grand Canyon

The picture was taken by Wilson, my co-worker who originated from Dalian, China.

Another picture of the Grand Canyon

Most visitors to the Grand Canyon go to the south rim. Wilson and I decided to go to north rim instead. North rim was cooler in summer. The downside was, we couldn’t see the river.

We actually traveled to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Here is a picture taken at the Sin City

I took this picture when we were driving from California to Las Vegas. As you can see, the land is semi arid, with very thin vegetation. In fact, Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert…

When we were driving along the freeway, we saw a mini tornado measuring just a few feet tall. Vehicles stopped to wait for it crossing. No photo for the mini tornado, though…


  1. wait till i save up enough buck and i will go explore all these cities :D

  2. I hope I can have the chance to explore US too, but I can't drive.

    What happens if cars go into mini tornado? Do they get sucked in and fly up?

  3. Well the sin city is what keeps Nevada going. XD

  4. annant
    You may want to join airlines, or become a travel writer. (But for the second option, you must write in proper English.)

    You can go nowhere in the US without a car. Get a license.

    Not sure how strong the mini tornado was...

    Just like casino keeps Genting going...

  5. It is fun to go places, see different sceneries, cultures and meet different people.

  6. Awesome. You visited Grand Canyon? Indeed it looks very grand o. Ouh...there's different between the Northern and Southern rim? I see.

    These pictures taken with film camera? Very beautiful! :D

  7. Nice. Thanks for sharing.

    Is the Grand Canyon worth the visit? I've always wondered. Please share your insight, KS. Thanks in advance.

  8. Grass
    No fun for the pocket, though :P

    Film still has some advantages over digital...

    If you like nature, GC is worth the visit. If you like gambling, of course it is Las Vegas.

  9. KS, I believe one can like nature but can still find the ride out there not worth the while. I'm saying this from personal experience. I like nature but I find the travel all the way to Milford Sound in NZ not worth it. I was disappointed. Similarly, a colleague found that it's not worth going to Jiuzhaikou (spelling?). She certainly felt it was a waste of time.

    But I know that Las Vegas is one place not to be missed whether one likes the casino or not. The place is true eye-candy.

  10. 原來你也是愛趴趴走的人

  11. happysurfer
    I think Jiuzhaikou is over-crowded. Otherwise it's a nature wonder.

    Grand Canyon is another nature wonder, and the North Rim is never too crowded.


  12. The Grand Canyon is something I definitely want to visit someday.

    Love the road shots...!

  13. I've never been to Las Vegas. I don't really gamble, but I guess it's good to go there at least once.

    Nice photo of the sin city!

    Mini tornado? Sounds scary! Too bad no photo! : )

  14. the second pic has got an antique feel ~

  15. Zhu
    Yeah, the GC is great.

    I only played slot machine in LV. But the Sin City has more than gambling. How about buffet and strip show :P

    Picture taken with film camera. That's why...

  16. the nature is really amazing. wish i had chance to travel to all these places one day. and my plan to travel this year is pooofed! by h1n1

  17. Those are lovely pics, thanks for sharing!

  18. xin
    Travel overland!


  19. agreed with you, 九寨沟is beautiful, BUT too crowded.=.=


  20. Sinji
    I also wish to return to the U.S., but...