Monday, July 13, 2009

The Life with Mask

The cases of Influenza A (H1N1) are on the rise in Malaysia. Recently, when I went to the city by train (LRT), I decided to put on a surgical mask.

I did so for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to protect myself. Secondly, I wanted to tell others, “No, it is not weird to wear a mask.”

Not surprisingly, I was the only passenger with a mask in the train. Malaysians are always complacent. We tend to think that bad things don’t fall on us.

I have to admit that it is no fun wearing a surgical mask. I could barely breathe! Soon after I reached destination, I took it off. Somehow, eventually we may be forced to live with masks. Until the vaccination is out, I doubt we can contain the spread of this highly contagious flu.

Are you ready?


  1. I don't really like wearing masks because it's really hard to breathe and it feels "kuk".

  2. I have seen a lot of people wearing masks in Malacca especially school children. :D

    Besides, I put on one too the other day when I went to KL on a bus.

  3. We should wear it if we are down with flu whether we like it or not....

  4. I don't see many ppl wearing masks in the public.

  5. day-dreamer
    Agree that it is hard to breathe with mask on. But sometimes we must make 'sacrifice'...

    I think most of the people who put on masks are the students.

    Yeah, for the sake of the public...

    Mei Ting
    Malaysians always believe that they are lucky.

  6. it's really not weird at all to wear a mask, i see people wearing mask everywhere now.. but i have not yet started to wear, i just wear once during my flight to SG, only in the plane.. well, still ok though a bit difficult to breathe.. anyway, safety is the utmost importance, agree?

  7. I have yet to see anyone wearing a mask. Still, it is good to take precautions.

    A doctor told me that vaccines will only be available in six months' time and that too only in the US. For them to come to this part of the world will take longer. The directive is for clinics to treat all types of flu in the clinic itself instead of sending them to the hospital. Only weak patients are to be sent to the hospital. Weak meaning those with heart conditions, asthma and the elderly.

  8. 哈哈。。你怕死吧?

  9. hopefully will get over it soon..

  10. SK
    Thank you for doing your parts :)

    I hope the vaccines are affordable.


    I'm afraid this is a long-term battle.

  11. I also need to wear it soon at airport as i m going to cambodia soon.. dont know how is the arrangement after that trip.. dont know whether need to quarantine at home or not.

  12. Maybe it's good to wear the mask now that the haze is back! So kill 2 birds with one stone. Not bad, yes? : )

  13. I don't mind wearing a surgical mask with mickey mouse drawing on it. Cute ma :)

  14. I don't think I have ever worn a mask like that, even during the SRAS epidemic (I was between HK and OZ at the time).

    I can't see any Canadian wearing one either...

  15. keeyit
    Wow... you're going for vacation again.

    The haze for back for a few hours only yesterday. In the late afternoon the sky was clear again.

    Maybe a Hello Kitty for your girl :P

    If not in open space, at least in the plane.

  16. Yea I took the LRT 2 weeks ago and only saw 1 girl wearing mask. LRT/KTM is a really potential breeding place for flu since we're in such close proximity with the public! I think I will get a mask too. Bravo for taking the first step :)

  17. we had a suspected case of H1N1 in the office yesterday, and therefore was forced to wear mask in office. After few hours, my brain was like dying because of the lack of oxygen. thank goodness no more mask in office today as the person has been tested negative. hehe.

  18. 戴mask 有責任感啊

  19. witch
    Now it's your turn :)

    Yeah, not easy wearing mask. But sometimes we need to do that.


  20. When I wear a mask, people look at me as if I have H1N1 virus. =(

  21. no choice, i guess
    at least to protect ourselves
    we gotta start some where like it or not...