Sunday, June 27, 2010

FIFA World Cup Post II

What has an England flag got to do with Thai Cuisine?

Nasi kandar isn’t American food!

Well, it looks like World Cup fever has invaded the KLCC food court…

= = =

Japan vs. South Korea

No, Japan and South Korea are not facing each other in FIFA World Cup. But in a sense, the two nations are competing with each other.

Korean Peninsula was under the harsh rule of Japan before the latter was defeated in World War II. While it has been 65 years since the Land of the Morning Calm gained independence, its people have remained hostile to their former colonizers until today.

On the other hand, few Japanese born after the War knew their history well. Korean TV stars are hugely popular in the Land of the Rising Sun. Unfortunately, good will of the post-war Japanese has failed to melt the ice, or put out the fire, on the other side of Sea of Japan. (Koreans refer to Sea of Japan as East Sea.)

World Cup provides a venue for the Koreans to vent their anger. They want to progress further than the Japanese…

South Korea has already been knocked out in Round of 16. Will the Japanese outlast them? We will know the answer very soon…


  1. I suppose the flag shows the stall's support of that country team. It's very sporting of them. Did you mean food court instead of foot court?

  2. South Korea has been knocked out. Let's see if Japan can go a little further. ;p

  3. Interesting flags at the wrong places :)
    The hope of all Asian are now on Japan!

  4. let's wait and see....
    Keisuke Honda is cool ~ ^_^

  5. LOL. i think the stall owners must be a fan of the football teams.

  6. UK out today.

    Auckland weather is quite mild. In summer, you see trees with leaves. That is why you get deceived that it was taken in Malaysia,

  7. no... u r wrong
    i dun like him at all :p

  8. no lah, they just hang the flags of the teams randomly only.. in fact, not only KLCC foodcourt, but a lot of places also hanging these flags.. we call this world cup fever~~ :p

  9. Hie Bro! I have just "bestowed" an award to you. Drop by to my site to see what you have received.

  10. I'm actually proud of these two countries for even making it to the World Cup! :) The only Asian countries eligible.. they deserve something just because of that no? :) Hopefully Japan can survive longer than the Koreans now..

  11. happysurfer
    I think it was the decision of KLCC Management to hang the flags.

    Typo corrected. Thanks :)

    We will know whether Japan will make it tonight.

    Yes, wrong place, haha...

    Looks like you have a new idol, haha...

  12. xin
    Most likely it was the management of KLCC who decided to hang the flags.

    Thanks for your info.

    I know what you mean, haha...

    I would like to see Japan go through too.

  13. I really don't care. I just want Argentina to win the World Cup! Hahaha!

  14. Same as in France, I keep on discovering random flags and fan since the French team is out!

  15. too bad, now that the Japanese team is out -____-

  16. foongpc
    Argentina has a good chance.

    The French now support other teams.

    Yeah, sad. All Asian teams are out...